Basket Cloud Storage: Unlimited Online Backup

Basket Cloud StorageYour unlimited online backup too slow? Too expensive? Too complicated? I’m trying Basket Cloud Storage and so far I’m happy.

It’s everything I like about online backup and nothing I don’t.

I think I have a pretty good backup routine with my external drives, always keeping one with me when I leave my house. Still, the thought of ending up with nothing, by some quirk of nature, got me nervous again.

Fifteen days after starting Basket, 75GB of my files were backed up. That’s 5GB a day and it’s the simplest, most economical and quietest backup I’ve seen. They haven’t even sent me email other than a welcome message.

The Basket is sold as an annual subscription with individual plans (1PC/Mac) priced at $24.95 and family plans (5PCs/Macs) at $34.95. View your files from anywhere; mobile devices, tablets, smart phones. listen to your music, watch videos.

Except for telling it what to back up and touring around to see all what’s there I haven’t done another thing to it. It just runs along in the background.

It’s the usual sign-up process; username and password, download a small file. During installation I was asked what files I want to back up, in a very general way.

Setup Wizard, Basket Cloud Storage

Then I could go into an Explorer type window and choose specifics right down to individual files. If I choose My Documents everything is included by default. Then I can work backwards un-ticking anything I want to exclude.

Manage Backups, Basket Cloud Storage

It backs up all file-types automatically. If you don’t want it to, you can tell it which ones under the Settings tab. You don’t have to pick through files wondering what is getting backed up and what isn’t.

Manage Backups is also accessible from the system tray icon.

System Tray Options, Basket Cloud Storage

Under Status, I can watch what it’s backing up right now. Kind of hypnotic like watching water boil.

Backup Status, Basket Cloud Storage

View your Basket online gives a view of everything in every folder, just like you’re browsing your hard-drive. You can open files directly online if it’s the type of file that opens with a browser, like pictures and text, videos or audio … or download them straight from there. It’s even integrated with Pixl Editor if you have a reason to want to edit an image right there and then.

Online, Basket Cloud Storage

A red arrow on a thumbnail means the file hasn’t been backed up yet.

Underneath these thumbnails (or list, depending on your choice of view) is a list of versions if any files have been changed. So, if you need to restore a file you can choose which one.

If you know what you’re looking for you can use the integrated search bar instead of clicking through folders. It doesn’t search embedded metadata but if your search term is in the file name it’ll show up in 2 seconds.

There’s a separate small program for Restore, if you need it on your computer.  It can be downloaded from Account Settings/Applications. I tried this out and it works really easily.

Restore, Basket Cloud Storage

Choose your file on the right, or folder on the left and ….

Restore a File, Basket Cloud Storage

You’ll notice something called Briefcase. This is intended for file-sharing. It’s something they’re working on and I think we’ll hear more about it later.

So, right now, for $2.09/month you get unlimited online backup for one computer. For $2.81/month you can have it for 5 computers. You can access your account and backups from anywhere, even your mobile phone or tablet. Watch movies or listen to music anywhere.


Copy, Cloud Sync & StorageBasket Cloud Storage is backup, not synchronization. If you’re looking for help syncing all your devices, Copy is a good choice right now – 15GB free and 5GB for each referral. That means if you click on my link and set up an account you’ll automatically get 20GB.

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