Box: Personal Or Business Backup & File Collaboration

BoxBoxBox is a different type of online backup than Mozy or Carbonite. Although you will, of course, be backing up your files online, you can also move them around between folders, rename and edit them online. You can also share your files from their online location in any configuration you choose. You can give access to one folder to one person or group of people, and access to other files to other people, all at your choosing. You can also collaborate with other people in your online space.

Available as either a Personal or Business account.

Securely upload any type of file. Upload large documents, photos, spreadsheets, videos, or zip files to your online space.

Collaborate with anyone. Create shared folders on Box to collaborate with clients, colleagues, and friends.

Edit documents and photos online. With OpenBox Services, you can edit your documents and photos directly from the web!

Access files from anywhereBox is accessible from any web browser, so you can get to your files from home and work.

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