Carbonite Backup: Moving Files

The Carbonite Backup Drive

When you install Carbonite it creates a Backup Drive on your computer. As it backs up your files, it will show a listing of all the files that have been backed up. You don’t need to log into your account to see this. Just scroll down Windows Explorer until you come to:

Carbonite Backup Drive

As you continue working on your computer and moving files around, you may see this next to a file on your Backup Drive:

Restore Latest Backup Copy, Carbonite Backup Drive

This means either you’ve deleted the file from your computer or you’ve moved it. In any case, the file is no longer where it was.

If you’ve deleted it, you can also delete it from your Backup Drive by clicking Remove from backup.

Remove From Backup, Carbonite Backup Drive

It may get deleted anyway after 30 days, but it may not. That depends what Carbonite is doing.

How to stop Carbonite from backing up moved files again

If you moved the file and you don’t want Carbonite to back it up again, then you have to tell Carbonite to not back it up. You  can do this by right-clicking on the file in its new location on your computer and choosing Don’t back this up.

Don't Back This Up, Carbonite

If you want to restore the file later you can search it out on your Backup Drive and use one of the restore options.

Restore Options, Carbonite Backup Drive

For other support questions, please see Carbonite Support for Home & Home Office where there are How-to Guides and Video Tutorials.

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