Backups: External & Online

If you don’t have time-staggered file backups yet in different locations, you’re not paying attention to the ongoing litany of file-loss disasters.

External Backup Drives

They say external hard-drives should be replaced every 3 years. So I’m trying. Thankfully, the prices have come down so much it’s do-able.

External Backup Drives

My two oldest are still working fine but I don’t count on them.

Now that my newest has arrived, I’ve changed my backup schedule to stagger the backups as much as possible.

Laptop: Everything
rarely used except as a backup drive, backed up the 1st of every month.

X-drive: Everything
backed up on the 7th of every month

L-drive: My Pictures
W-drive: most of My Documents
backed up together on the 15th of every month

Z-drive: Everything
backed up on the 21st of every month

(Red)-drive: Everything
backed up every day and taken with me when I leave my house (It weighs half a pound and fits in the palm of my hand.)

This new drive supports USB 2.0 as well as 3.0 and came with a combination cable that functions for either.

The backup profiles for all these drives are kept together in Syncback with recurring reminders on my calendar. Depending what goes wrong and when, there should be a backup available somewhere.

Your setup will obviously vary depending on your needs.

Online Backup

Unless you can keep your backups in different physical locations, online backup is a very good idea. The Basket Cloud Storage offers unlimited backup for $24.95/year … that’s $2.09/month … or $34.95/year for the Family Plan, which means up to 5 computers. If you sign up for your first year now, you can get another 10% off.
Use coupon code LAUNCH10 during checkout.

It’s not FREE, but it’s as close to free backup as you’re going to get unless you only have a few files. Whatever you do, whichever road(s) you choose … back up your files.

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