Finding The Ancestors

Finding the ancestors is a challenge right now but I’m making progress.

Anyone who doesn’t have a Windows Live Photo Gallery disaster on their hands is probably saying, “Whew, glad it wasn’t me.” Or if you don’t use Vista or Windows 7, you might be saying, “Whew, nothing to do with me, Next!”

For the few of us left, and for the future …

Carbonite overwrote almost every photograph in the main ANCESTORS/Beeken Photographs folder. That’s its job; to keep backing up new files. Large studio portraits from the 1880’s up to about 1920, my parents’ wedding pictures, my Dad’s cousins, my beloved grandmother; the gold-mine of the entire collection that I had spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours restoring. There were 7 undamaged backup photos in the entire folder.

As my cousin was copying her discs over to the Dropbox, and we were hanging out on the telephone at the same time, I told her if I don’t get those pictures back I’m quitting genealogy, I’m quitting computers, I’m going to pack everything up and forget I was ever here.

And then they started dribbling across to my side. First there were some bad photos of photos that I already have backups of. Then there was a folder of ‘unknowns’. And then there was a Passage Express project. Close but no cigar.

And then we hit the mother-lode! Except I didn’t know that yet and I wasn’t going to stay up for the next 12 hours to find out. I thought there were maybe a dozen pictures or so. I didn’t see my great-great-great grandmother, Nancy, amongst them so I went to bed with no expectations.

By the next morning I had an email from my cousin that the box was full and Dropbox was popping up messages.

I spent the rest of the day moving pictures out so more could upload, and by evening I had them all – 278 original scans! And Nancy …

First, apparently, I had sent my cousin a Passage Express project where I had down-sized all the photos so they’d load faster. Then, as an afterthought, I had made another disc of the original scans and edited copies, named it ‘Extras’ and mailed it off at the same time. September 2007. Thank God for my excessive nature.

I haven’t had a chance to do anything else about the photos yet. I don’t even know how many are there compared to the damaged ones and what could still be missing. The next thing that happened was that one of my monitors died. I can’t compare and sort photos side-by-side on one 19″ monitor. As of today a new one is on order. It should be here sometime next week.

A little side issue about monitors. Apparently, everything’s gone to wide-screen now so finding a 1280 x 1024 monitor was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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