Firefox Scrapbook: Saving Your Blog

Firefox ScrapbookI discovered another use for the Firefox Scrapbook plugin.

Back when the discussion about moving from Blogger to WordPress was a hot topic, I got to thinking about saving my blog in a readable format. Not for any reason except that after awhile a blog starts to look like a book and someday, someone might find that interesting.

Blog in XML

When you make a backup of your blog it happens in xml format. It can be imported if you need a backup, that’s what it’s for, but it won’t be much fun to read.

So, I started looking for options (Print Friendly, Anthologize) and the only one I found that also includes Comments is Scrapbook, an extension for Firefox. As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I actually find the comments the most interesting part of a blog post.

I wrote about Scrapbook before with more detail about saving entire websites, so no need to go back over that. For this purpose, I created folders for months and years.

Firefox Scrapbook

And then started going backwards one post at a time and saving the pages and sorting them into folders.

All of these pages are saved by default in the Firefox profile folder but that can be changed under Tools/Options/Organize.

Another advantage I see to this is having a complete index of my blog posts in a sidebar. This can be quite illuminating. For instance, being able to see at a glance what I’ve written over the years which might give me ideas for what to write in the future.

Another one is comparing titles to subject matter. As we get more experienced with the Internet, we find that titles relevant to our content count for a lot in order for people to find us in the search engines.

I once wrote a post called ‘Back at The Ranch’ and it was about several non-ranch related things but mostly a problem I was having with Internet Explorer. This kind of meandering does not help people who are looking for specific content.

There’s nothing wrong with going back and trying to improve on some of our worst errors, which means I have lots of extra work to do.

Scrapbook is also able to combine and export pages, although I think MHTML files look better.

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