Mozy Online Backup Services

Mozy Online Backup At the time of writing, this is a description of Mozy Online Backup services.

  • 2GB Free
  • automatic & encrypted
  • $4.95/mth or $54.45/yr unlimited storage with desktop or web restoration

Select files to be backed up. Simply check the boxes next to the backup sets, or types of files you want to back up, and MozyHome does the rest. In addition to selecting files by backup sets, you also have the option of selecting specific files and directories.

Open/locked file support: Mozy will back up your documents whether they’re open or closed.

448-bit Blowfish encryption: Secures your files while in storage, providing peace of mind that your private data is safe from hackers.

Automatic: Schedule the times to back up and MozyHome does the rest.

New and changed file detectionMozyHome finds and saves the smallest changes.

Backs up Outlook files: Disaster-proof email protection.

Block-level incremental backup: After the initial backup, MozyHome only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast. If you add folders, Mozy will automatically add them to your backup set. You may need to go into the Configuration options to check that it’s not backing up something you don’t want it to. The backups are kept for a minimum of 30 days so if you need to go back in time …

Mozy Online Backup. 2GB Free or $4.95/mo for Unlimited Backup. It’s simple, automatic and secure!

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