Online Backup at Mozy

Mozy Online BackupIf you are still keeping your file backups in the same place as your computer, you may be asking for trouble. Fire, floods or theft, although unexpected, do happen, and it only takes once to lose it all. Mozy Online Backup is a great service. After installing and activating a small program, your choice of files are encrypted for privacy and automatically backed up to an online server.

I have used this for 7 months and I love it. It’s as simple as ticking off the files and folders you want backed up. It runs automatically in the background or it can be set on a schedule. It can back up files from your main hard-drive or any external hard-drives, as you wish. And there’s no limit to the amount of files.

When I moved to my new computer I was emailed simple instructions for how to transfer my settings so all the files already backed up carried through without any need to start over.

Restoration of single files is immediately available and I’ve used it more than once when I deleted something important. They keep all backups for a minimum of 30 days, although in practice it’s more like 3 months. If you ever need to retrieve something that far back there it is. If you ever need a file when you’re traveling, you can download it to a computer wherever you are.

Mozy tech support is responsive if you any problems or questions.

Although I also back up my files to two external hard-drives there’s nothing quite as comforting as off-site back up. This is great peace of mind for under $5 a month. Check it out here: Mozy Online Backup

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