Online Backup: Mozy, Carbonite & Box

Online backup solutions seem to be everywhere these days.

Carbonite is a very user-friendly online backup service. You don’t have to log on anywhere to upload files as the entire process is automated.

The initial online backup and all subsequent backups run in the background so you can continue using your computer without interference. By default it will not back up system files but you can override that. It will backup application data and all the documents on your C-drive, including your email. If you have files you don’t want backed up you simply designate them as such with a right click option.

Carbonite Online Backup

All files are SSL encrypted before they leave your computer. With their system of colored dots you can see at a glance what’s been backed up, what is waiting and what you’re choosing not to back up.

There’s a 2-week free trial (no credit card required) and then it’s $49.95 per year. It is, as they say, online backup for everyone. Even my cousin, Sam, can handle this.

The initial backup is slow, no different with Carbonite than anywhere else. The best part is that once it’s done it will automatically back up any changed files without so much as a passing thought from you. Restoration is just as simple. They don’t delete your deleted files for 30 days, so if you’ve lost something you wish you hadn’t you can still retrieve it.

Another option well worth looking at, and my personal favorite, is Mozy. They are offering unlimited space for $4.95 a month, or $54.45 per year. Also with minimal input from the user. Or you can have 2 GB for free. There are differences in these two but there’s no risk in trying both and then you’ll know. No matter which, it’s economical peace of mind. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo …

Both of the above are for storage only. If you want online storage where you can also share files, you might want to try I have used this for awhile to share family history that’s too large to send by email. When a file or folder is designated “public” it has its own URL where your chosen others can go and view files or download them. has a variety of options from 1GB free to paying for larger space.

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