Top 10 Reasons to Use SugarSync | File Sync & Online Backup

SugarSyncSugarSync is yet another online backup and file sync option. Here are the top ten reasons you should use it.

  1. Back up and secure your data (you never know when your computer will crash)
  2. Access all of your files on the go (from any browser or mobile phone)
  3. Share entire folders and collaborate on projects
  4. Send large files you usually (try to) email or FTP
  5. Share high res photo galleries with friends and families
  6. Stream your entire music collection
  7. Take pictures with your iPhone, auto-sync them to your computer
  8. Open, edit and save office docs with your Blackberry
  9. Work from home, without having to lug around your work computer
  10. Restore all your data if your computer crashes or is stolen

The most notable difference between Dropbox and SugarSync is that SugarSync can sync any file or folder on your computer directly from its original location. Files do not have to be moved to another location first, as with the My Dropbox folder.

When I decided to run Legacy from Dropbox I made copies of the folders I wanted to sync and then a special backup arrangement for the various folders to sync them back to their original locations. It worked fine but doing the same thing with SugarSync is much easier. Just right-click on the folders in their original locations and add them to SugarSync.

Add Folder to SugarSync

Open ‘Manage Sync Folders’ on other computers or devices and choose to sync. Or not.

Manage Sync Folders

Another difference is that a free account at SugarSync is 5GB of space instead of the 2GB given by Dropbox. Although it’s an enticement, it’s not a competition. I use them both.

I don’t recommend cloud services except as additional backups. I did run Legacy from SugarSync for a short period of time to test it. I found it quite inefficient compared to simply keeping my laptop up-to-date using an external hard-drive. Desktop to external HD to laptop. Simple and fast.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Use SugarSync | File Sync & Online Backup

  1. HansBKK

    For those with larger space requirements or privacy concerns, or just not wanting to be dependent on Internet connections and cloud services, I highly recommend the use of Unison as a sync’ing tool.

    Very solid open-source tool, takes a while to get to know it and set it up, but once done it’s click and forget. It’s USP is that it supports files being updated on both sides of the sync, but of course this requires deciding which one to keep if you end up having the same file updated on both sides since the last sync (highly recommend Winmerge for help with that on diff-able filetypes), and of course it helps to just keep sync’ing frequently enough, a automatically scheduled batch or cron job can handle this in the background.

    You don’t need to have a centralized “server” storage location, although that “hub and spoke” topology makes things easier, can have a “mesh” any-to-any peer-to-peer sync set up as well.

    1. JL Post author

      Just speaking for myself, this is way over my head and I wouldn’t even consider spending the time to learn it. It’s in a completely different ball park then SugarSync, Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy, Box, a simple external hard-drive or anything else that people can set up in 5 minutes and carry on with.

    1. JL Post author

      The referral terms are only accessible inside my account so I can’t point you there and I’m wading through the legaleeze fairly early in the morning. It does sound to me like we both get an extra 500 MB if you sign up through my link, install the software and you are not a former SugarSync subscriber.

      I would add: unless your browser is set to accept cookies, it will be as if you did not go through my link and neither of us will benefit from the bonus space. If you’re using Firefox, that can be found under Tools/Options/Privacy. And un-tick the box that says ‘Clear History when Firefox closes’. If you clear your history before you’ve installed the software you’re cutting off the connection to my link. I can’t speak for other browsers but it would be similar.


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