Computer Backup: Just Do It

by JL Beeken on 10-30-2014

SyncbackI’ve written about computer backup oh, about a million times already. THIS time I’m going to make it really simple. Because it is. And there are no excuses. … [continued]

Basket Cloud StorageYour unlimited online backup too slow? Too expensive? Too complicated? I’m trying Basket Cloud Storage and so far I’m happy.

It’s everything I like about online backup and nothing I don’t. … [continued]

Backups: External & Online

by JL Beeken on 9-06-2013

If you don’t have time-staggered file backups yet in different locations, you’re not paying attention to the ongoing litany of file-loss disasters. … [continued]

SyncbackBacking up your computer files is a simple process and can be partially or completely automated. Once set up, backup may take only minutes per day. … [continued]

File Backup & Sync

by JL Beeken on 6-01-2012

Being the first of the month, it’s backup reminder day again. As I often change how I do my file backup based on available products, services and costs this is my latest rendition. … [continued]

Carbonite Backup: Moving Files

by JL Beeken on 5-01-2012

The Carbonite Backup Drive

When you install Carbonite it creates a Backup Drive on your computer. As it backs up your files, it will show a listing of all the files that have been backed up. You don’t need to log into your account to see this. Just scroll down Windows Explorer until you come to:

Carbonite Backup Drive … [continued]

Archive The Web With MHTML Files

by JL Beeken on 2-14-2012

There’s another way to archive web pages besides saving them in personal software or printing them to PDF. It’s called MHTML. … [continued]

Firefox Scrapbook: Saving Your Blog

by JL Beeken on 1-13-2012

Firefox ScrapbookI discovered another use for the Firefox Scrapbook plugin.

Back when the discussion about moving from Blogger to WordPress was a hot topic, I got to thinking about saving my blog in a readable format. Not for any reason except that after awhile a blog starts to look like a book and someday, someone might find that interesting. … [continued]

Backup: How I Do It | Protect Your Files

by JL Beeken on 12-18-2011

Every time I write about backup I think it’s going to be the last time because, I mean, what else is there to say about it? … [continued]

SugarSyncSugarSync is yet another online backup and file sync option. Here are the top ten reasons you should use it.

  1. Back up and secure your data (you never know when your computer will crash)
  2. Access all of your files on the go (from any browser or mobile phone)
  3. Share entire folders and collaborate on projects … [continued]