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Run Legacy from Dropbox | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeThere’s no such thing, technically speaking, as running Legacy from Dropbox.

Dropbox is a storage location; it’s not an operating system.

There are many ways of running the same Legacy Family Tree database on multiple computers but this is probably the simplest way to run Legacy from Dropbox, meaning using the database stored on Dropbox.

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Finding The Ancestors

Finding the ancestors is a challenge right now but I’m making progress.

Anyone who doesn’t have a Windows Live Photo Gallery disaster on their hands is probably saying, “Whew, glad it wasn’t me.” Or if you don’t use Vista or Windows 7, you might be saying, “Whew, nothing to do with me, Next!”

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Picasa Backup: Protect Your Face-tagging & Geotagging

PicasaAwhile ago I recommended Picasa 3 to you. It’s fun and interesting and all that but there’s a little problem with backups. Picasa does offer the option of backing up your entire photo collection but it’s labour-intensive, inefficient and redundant. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you should already be keeping at least one up-to-date backup of your entire photo collection. The issue here is backing up the work you do in Picasa. Continue reading

Box: Personal Or Business Backup & File Collaboration

BoxBoxBox is a different type of online backup than Mozy or Carbonite. Although you will, of course, be backing up your files online, you can also move them around between folders, rename and edit them online. You can also share your files from their online location in any configuration you choose. You can give access to one folder to one person or group of people, and access to other files to other people, all at your choosing. You can also collaborate with other people in your online space. Continue reading