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Scanning Your ID

by JL Beeken on 6-10-2011

Have you ever considered scanning your ID? We already know how hard it can be to find identifying papers for people who are deceased, i.e. stopped, not moving anymore. … [continued]

Nothing’s On Fire Over Here

by JL Beeken on 6-07-2011

Kerry wants to know what I would take if my house was on fire and I could choose only one thing.

Well, first of all, nothing’s on fire over here, so relax. But if it was –

… [continued]

Conflicting Dates: O, That Explains It

by JL Beeken on 6-01-2011

You’ve certainly heard of this. You might even have a few of your own. Conflicting dates. … [continued]

Genealogy, Computers & Money

by JL Beeken on 4-22-2011

While the genea-bloggers world is talking about genealogists making money I’ll throw in my two cents.

First of all, I’m not sure that I understand the conversation and I think I’ve read most of it. Except for anything on Facebook since I don’t go there.

… [continued]

Thank You!

by JL Beeken on 3-10-2011

Thank you. Bless you all for not voting me into the Family Tree’s Top 40. I don’t even care why; I just thank you for not doing it. I’m happy right where I am without the pressure of expectations. … [continued]

Mr. Sam’s Shortcuts

by JL Beeken on 3-08-2011

Cousin Sam has finally put her foot down and she’s getting her own laptop. … [continued]

Source Citations: Here We Go Again

by JL Beeken on 2-22-2011

It’s been a tiring week and it’s just getting revved up here. This thing about source citations. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 2-22-2011

I was surprised some friends showed up to laugh at my post about the police. I was also surprised no-one showed up to support the police but I did lose 10% of my subscribers. Like I didn’t see that coming. … [continued]

It’s A Geriatric Monday

by JL Beeken on 2-21-2011

I know many things I say are hugely irrelevant to genealogy; the closest I can get sometimes is geriatrics, and I apologize for the misleading subtitle of my blog. … [continued]

The Genealogy Police

by JL Beeken on 2-16-2011

I had a visit from the Genealogy Police this week. I’d heard of the Genealogy Police but I’d never met them, or even one, so I thought they might be just a figment of someone’s worst nightmare. But, now it’s clear they do exist. … [continued]