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What Is This?

I decided to spend the day cleaning out my storage area because I haven’t done it for years and I’ve been tossing things any-old-where for all that time. But not cleaning all of it because that’s too much of a challenge for one day … only 8 boxes. Continue reading

Online Purchase Protection

Sometimes you get in trouble online and you need some good old online purchase protection.

The economy is twisting this way and that and people are doing whatever they’re doing to make a good thing out of lemons. This is not always done with the highest regard for integrity and the feelings of others. ‘Tis the way of the world. Continue reading

Technology Fatigue

We live in a time of many strange diseases. Technology fatigue is one of them.

One of my monitors got tired and died. I stepped out of the room for a minute and when I got back one of them was black. Up and died, just like that. When suddenly confronted with the situation, it occurred to me I don’t really need a computer. Do I? It’s not my child or my aging mother or anyone who seriously requires attention. What about me? Do I get to be tired? Do I get to turn black any time I feel like it? Continue reading