Home OrganizationI’ve spent a lot of time writing about computer organization. Starting about mid-May I expanded into home organization.

Computers lend themselves pretty well to folder organization. Houses, not so much. Something within a box within another box underneath and on top of two other boxes behind some other boxes in a room I hardly ever enter. … [continued]

Color-Coded Organization

by JL Beeken on 5-04-2014

After much back and forth on organization of my to-do list and how to convince myself to keep on top of email, I’ve come to color-coding. I have about two months of success with it behind me so it looks like it’s here to stay. … [continued]

I can’t tell you what naming conventions to use for your files. That’s up to you. But these are some free software choices for batch file renaming and they may give you some ideas for your file names. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 2-13-2014

ActionOutlineI’ve been going through my lists and updating and moving things around.
… [continued]


by JL Beeken on 11-10-2013

I’ve noticed a rash of posts again about organizing and prioritizing. Overwhelmed seems to be a popular state of mind. … [continued]

MRIN Filing System+ for Genealogy

by JL Beeken on 6-21-2013

MRIN Filing SystemThis post was originally published in October 2006.

The paper-based MRIN filing system was developed by Karen Clifford about 35 years ago. My contribution to it is a digital filing system also using MRINs.

It was quite laborious (in retrospect) and I have since greatly streamlined this process. Watch the FREE PowerPoint presentation (updated 2014) that goes through the whole thing from A to Z.

… [continued]

Calendaring Commitments

by JL Beeken on 3-03-2013

Lightning CalendarLast in this to-do list series because I think I’ve nailed it so I’m out of things to say. … [continued]

The 12-Day Cycle

by JL Beeken on 2-24-2013

ActionOutlineI’m midstream the 4th time around my 12-day cycle and it’s going well. In fact it’s going so well I wonder how I ever handled my computer life any other way. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 2-17-2013

When I started writing README files several years ago, it was to explain the contents of my computer to my power of attorney and executor. … [continued]

The Check List

by JL Beeken on 2-04-2013

At the top of each of my 12 outlines in ActionOutline is a check list.

Check List, ActionOutline

(You may need to backtrack. This is a series of posts about organizing all my lists in one place, ActionOutline.)

… [continued]