MRIN Filing System Addendum

by JL Beeken on 11-23-2012

For those of you who are following the MRIN Filing System I left one part out of the PowerPoint presentation.

With all files sorted into MRIN folders, there’s only one thing left; my genealogy database. Scary huge place that is, OMG. All the notes and events and research and everything. … [continued]

Bookmark Management

by JL Beeken on 11-10-2012

What I’ve been doing lately is trying to make something useful of my bookmarks. It’s not another bookmark manager that’s needed; it’s bookmark management. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 11-03-2012

ActionOutlineHere’s the ActionOutline alternative to yesterday’s mind map plan. … [continued]

The 30 Minutes/Day List

by JL Beeken on 11-02-2012

When your to-do list is scrolling off the bottom of your monitor, what are you going to choose to do today? Enter the 30 minutes per day list. … [continued]

Computer Inventory: The Inbox

by JL Beeken on 10-02-2012

As we approach winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this is as good a time as any to consider computer inventory. … [continued]

MRIN Filing System A-Z

by JL Beeken on 9-27-2012

It’s long past time to write a compilation of the MRIN Filing System. Over the years my use of it has changed and changed and changed. … [continued]

As per the last post about filing everything, all files are now sorted into MRIN folders.

The main disadvantage to MRIN Filing is that family lines become separated by number. If you’re used to surname filing and being able to quickly find the files of a family group, it’s going to be a challenge. … [continued]

Genealogy Filing: MRIN Folders, Part 2

by JL Beeken on 4-14-2012

I’m always interested in how other people work out the eternal problem of their genealogy filing. … [continued]

MRIN Filing: MRIN Folders, Part 1

by JL Beeken on 4-11-2012

Not gone forever, just cleaning up the MRIN folders. … [continued]

Desktop To-Do List: Month 3

by JL Beeken on 3-23-2012

Since January 1st, I’ve worked the desktop to-do list down to where I’ve finished some of my 2012 goals. The ones that had a ‘have-to’ feel about them. … [continued]