Sharing Files

Legacy Family Tree IntelliShare takes compromise, no question about it.

You have to agree on location formats, date formats, source citation formats and notes/event entry. At the very least. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeAfter a couple days of thinking about the IntelliShare failure and the reasons, I came up with another idea.

First of all, I think IntelliShare is a great idea put forth by people who have been doing genealogy from birth and they probably know what they’re talking about. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeDay 4. The IntelliShare project has now crashed and burned. Like we didn’t see that one coming.

Cuz is not willing to compromise on any point whatsoever. Where the notes go, formatting of locations, the family lines that should be included/excluded …. nothing. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeLegacy Family Tree’s IntelliShare Day 3. I thought we’d hit an impasse. The Merge was being held hostage.

Cousin refused to send me her family file. She wanted me to import and merge one small export file after another, piecemeal. She thought she could win with stubbornness. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeDay 2 of Intellishare. I got cuz out of the research rut but we immediately took a sharp left into another ditch.

She told me she didn’t have time to work on genealogy for a few days so I said, “Ok.” … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeWhen you’re trying to use IntelliShare to get two family files merged and your cousin, the bloodhound, is being derailed by research questions, you just need some good ammunition to get her back on track.

And, here it is. Legacy’s Merge screen. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeThe preparation is complete and this is the day The Great Legacy IntelliShare Merge begins.

Because my SOURCES folder contains documents not related to the MasterFile, I set up a Syncback profile that only sends the relevant documents to the MasterFile SOURCES folder in our shared Dropbox folder. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeOK. We’ve started with Legacy’s IntelliShare. With the file-name MasterFile. We could have named it anything.

We decided my family file should be the starting point because my file is the one with the MRINs already defined to follow the MRIN Filing System. It’s already linked to source documents, thousands of source citations and the portraits. My cousin already files her paper by marriages so we’re close to having the same system, hers just lacking the numbers right now. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeOver at Kerry’s there’s a debate underway about The Value of Great Big Trees Online. I come down on the side of being not all that interested. I agree with the many who say that regurgitated incorrect and un-sourced material is a root problem. But, it can be a place to start. … [continued]

Dropbox: Another Use For Shared Folders

by JL Beeken on 7-03-2011

DropboxHere’s another reason to use Dropbox to share files.

Yesterday I called my cousin in Georgia, as I do periodically.

She was in the midst of backing up all her files to disk because her computer was acting funny, sending up ‘weird messages’ and crashing every few minutes. … [continued]