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Dropbox Shareable Links

Dropbox(Update: Dropbox Shareable Links was a passing concept on the path of development. It’s much simplified now. See Dropbox Links.)

Someone emailed me last weekend for some help with linking web pages in a particular way. It wasn’t a difficult question but she had a list of requirements for how she wanted it to work and how she didn’t. So, having knocked every other option out of the ring, what was left was Dropbox Shareable Links. Continue reading

AirDropper: Dropbox For Non-Dropbox Users

DropboxProblem solved. AirDropper is a way for your Dropbox-less friends to send files to your Dropbox.

Seems it would be easy enough for them to get their own Dropbox account and share a folder with you but this is not always the case. My cousin, Sam, for instance could not sign up for Dropbox without getting lost. Email address, password, download and install a small file. That’s all it takes. Continue reading

Dropbox Review: Sync & Share Files | 2GB Free

DropboxOff to a slow start with Dropbox, but I’ve got it now. Backing up, syncing and sharing files is what this is about.  You download and install a small file that makes a folder on your computer called ‘My Dropbox’. It fits right in with My Pictures and My Videos in Windows.  It also works on Mac and Linux.

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JLiki Postscript

After more than a month harping on about JLiki I feel like I must have been talking in a vacuum. I know some of you read through from beginning to end but it’s so quiet out there. (I expected a parade.)

After almost two years of thinking out loud this feels like the end of the road for me, organization-wise. My genealogy computer life has gone from increasingly complicated to flat-out simple in about a minute. In the end my main interest is output because why else am I doing this? If just to entertain myself it wouldn’t be enough. Everything else is on the path to getting there.

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