Tech Tips

In the year 2011 A.G., let it be known there really is life after Google. I have very happily left Google Reader and returned to my roots – Sage RSS Reader for Firefox. This is blog-reading in high style. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 1-05-2011

After eons without, JLog now has gravatars! Most of you do not. A gravatar is the icon that shows next to blog comments, usually a person’s face but it doesn’t have to be. Mine is not. If you want your own, instead of an auto-generated one, go to … [continued]

Battling The Inbox

by JL Beeken on 12-28-2010

It’s hard to believe that my Inbox is full of unread email going back as far as September.

As you’ve heard ad nauseam, my computer crashed the end of August. I’ve been chipping away at the email for weeks, in between restoring over 12,000 photographs, mostly reading the most recent and generally treading water. … [continued]

New Portable Apps: Gramps & Marble

by JL Beeken on 12-16-2010

PortableAppsHere are a couple of new portable apps that might interest you. If you already have the PortableApps Platform installed, you already know how that works. One click on the paf.exe file and an app is added to your menu. All completely free. … [continued]

Jarte: Rich Text Editor

by JL Beeken on 12-02-2010

I mentioned in Essential Software I was looking for a replacement for the Windows 7 version of WordPad. Well, I found one. It’s called Jarte. Fortunately it has a portable version because I love portable software. Funny for someone who hates traveling and would happily stay home forever if I had a personal shopper, but there you go. Another of life’s fun little contradictions. … [continued]

Essential Software

by JL Beeken on 11-29-2010

While I’m waiting for my new (other) monitor to arrive, because I can’t function with just one – I’m reviewing my essential software. … [continued]

Balmy and It’s Only November

by JL Beeken on 11-26-2010

Today was nice, about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, snowing and practically balmy. Lovely day, really.

Speaking of balmy, I might be heading in that direction. But, first the story … … [continued]

Windows 7 Software Problems

by JL Beeken on 11-25-2010

Windows 7I’ve had my new computer and Windows 7 for about a month now. I’ve run into some software problems that other more-experienced users might be able to enlighten me about. … [continued]

Windows 7: Move To/Copy To

by JL Beeken on 10-23-2010

WindowsI just can’t stop thinking about it.

Here’s an itty-bitty partial alternative for the loss of the Move To/Copy To icons in Windows 7. … [continued]

Windows 7: Odd & Ends

by JL Beeken on 10-21-2010


Here are some odds & ends about Windows 7 as I begin to get used to it.

I have it on good faith from my real-life computer tech in town that Windows 7 is good. It makes good use of the 64-bit architecture and uses system resources well although, with a quad-core and 6GB RAM, system resources are not exactly a problem. OK, so I like it now. … [continued]