Tech Tips

Google Keywords: Roundup 2

by JL Beeken on 7-11-2011

GoogleWhile my friends are hawking my business card around town and I’m short on sleep and creative inspiration, it’s easier to answer ready-made questions. So, here’s some more illumination from Google keywords. … [continued]

Google Keywords: Roundup 1

by JL Beeken on 7-08-2011

GoogleThese are a few of the Google keywords leading to JLog in the last 3 days. Fairly typical going back months or years. And my answers, in case that would be useful. … [continued]

Beware of Tracfone, Part 2

by JL Beeken on 4-16-2011

TracfoneWhen I left this saga, Tracfone was mailing a SIM card to a hotel in the U.S. Traveling through the U.S. without a phone, and fortunately without need of one, I arrived at said hotel and found the SIM card waiting for me. … [continued]

Foreigners, Beware of Tracfone

by JL Beeken on 4-02-2011

TracfoneForeigners, from the U.S. point of view.

I was so impressed when someone’s U.S. Tracfone saved the day when I had a flat-tire. So I bought one of my own for future travels in the U.S. I thought, gee, how smart and organized of me. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 2-12-2011

PortableAppsIf you’re not using PortableApps yet, there are more portable apps than you would believe and there are more being made all the time. I run as many as I can. You can literally carry around most of the software you need in portable versions. Occasionally I clean out my collection because I gather many more than I can use. Some of them I use daily. … [continued]

Genealogy Research Toolbox

by JL Beeken on 2-06-2011

I read about someone making a Genealogy Research Toolbox. I’m signed up for Thomas’ webinar in April to learn how. … [continued]

Switch To Wireless Internet

by JL Beeken on 1-29-2011

This week I decided to switch to wireless Internet. … [continued]

In the year 2011 A.G., let it be known there really is life after Google. I have very happily left Google Reader and returned to my roots – Sage RSS Reader for Firefox. This is blog-reading in high style. … [continued]


by JL Beeken on 1-05-2011

After eons without, JLog now has gravatars! Most of you do not. A gravatar is the icon that shows next to blog comments, usually a person’s face but it doesn’t have to be. Mine is not. If you want your own, instead of an auto-generated one, go to … [continued]

Battling The Inbox

by JL Beeken on 12-28-2010

It’s hard to believe that my Inbox is full of unread email going back as far as September.

As you’ve heard ad nauseam, my computer crashed the end of August. I’ve been chipping away at the email for weeks, in between restoring over 12,000 photographs, mostly reading the most recent and generally treading water. … [continued]