EverNote 2By popular request, here are the download links for EverNote 2. These installers are safe to use and work with Windows XP and up although exactly how far up is unknown.

EverNote Desktop
EverNote Portable

EN2 Clipper workaround for latest versions of Firefox & Thunderbird

EverNote 2 Clipper for Windows OS and compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird versions up to and including:

Firefox 3.6.28
Install directly into your browser from the link, or Save and then drag and drop onto your browser window.

Thunderbird 3.1.20
Save to your computer and then install through the Add-on window.

Unless you’re able to stay with these outdated versions, the following instructions are obsolete.

If you save the clipper button installer, you can alter itself yourself for future Firefox 3.0 or Thunderbird 3.0 upgrades through the following instructions, (kindly donated by an unnamed person):

1. Change the file extension from .XPI to .ZIP
2. Open the ZIP file and find the install.rdf file
3. Edit the install.rdf file with a text editor e.g. Notepad — find the Firefox section
and change the ‘maxversion’ to something like 3.5* or 3.7 so it covers what version
of Firefox you have. (Repeat for Thunderbird as needed.) Save the modified ‘install.rdf’
4. Update the ZIP file with the modified version of ‘install.rdf’
5. Change the file extension of the ZIP file back to XPI
6. Update Firefox (or Thunderbird) add-ons with this modified web clipper XPI

If that doesn’t work for you, return to this page to download.

EverNote anyone has EN2 installers for other operating systems and browsers, clipper buttons or templates, please donate them to the cause. I’ll be glad to post them here.

Other Goodies:

EverNote Template Editor 2.2 (donated by Dale L.)

How to create a table in EverNote 2: (tip from Dale L.)
Use a free html editor (Kompozer, BlockNote, …) to create a table with your desired number of rows and columns. Copy and paste it into EverNote. The table is not editable in EverNote, but your data is.

Extra tip: put a border on your table and/or throw some random data in using the Tab key before you copy and paste, otherwise it’ll be hard to see where you are. The boxes will automatically expand as you type into them.

108 thoughts on “EverNote

    1. JL Post author

      I think you can use just the desktop version of EN 3 if you want to. I haven’t looked at it lately but that’s how it used to be.

      1. Dean-Ryan Stone

        You can, but they force you to create an account with them first during the install of the desktop app. Later, you can apparently uncheck the option to sync to the web. I don’t want anything from ME going to THEM. Quite frankly, there just didn’t seem to be enough options in v3 to justify using it over v2.2.1.386 which 1) didn’t require signup and 2) seems to simply have a faster, less bloated feel to it. Plus I’m not keen on the idea of that version just being pulled from everywhere on the web – not even FileHippo.com (which typically has a crapload of prior versions of stuff) had anything available for download before Evernote 3. Trust me, even if your holding of v2. goes away, I’ll take it upon myself to make it available to everyone on the web somehow. “When good software goes bad” indeed.. happened with so many programs.. FileZilla, WinSnap, XYPlorer, uTorrent, the list goes on and on. Screw continued development – if it’s good and it can’t be continued, freeze it and continue to make it available for all time. Don’t pull something wonderful off the net because while it makes hundreds of thousands of people happy, it doesn’t make you ten measly bucks. I BEGGED the author of WinDates to make his program opensource/freeware when he dropped development to work at Trumba. No dice. Pfft.

        1. Pat

          I also have the same problem. Unfortunally, EN 2.2 clipper in Firefox 4 doesn’t work. l also get “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined”. Pls, can somebody help us and make the patch?

  1. Sean

    As an Evernote 2 user who paid for their version, I was annoyed when the Firefox web clipper stopped being updated for new versions, Drag-n-drop worked fine, but was not as convenient.

    So upon new computer purchase, I took the plunge and updated to Evernote 3 before reading the fine print, only to find that I needed to create a web account before it would even load it. Then found that it would not read version 2 data as I had not updated to an intermediate V3 version that did the conversion to the new format. Then found out they wanted a yearly subscription instead of a one-time payment.

    Well, I don’t use it for web storage of my data, and don’t feel like paying $45.00 per year to lose the ads.

    So, I wiped it, disabled my empty Evernote account and reinstalled the version I paid for onto my Windows 7 64 bit computer, installed your Firefox clipper extension and have moved on with life.

    If they want me to upgrade, they will have to offer a paid version with a one-time fee. I don’t really care if it has Web Storage, I’d rather not have to worry about my account getting hacked as I use it to store some business information that doesn’t need to be exposed.

    1. JL Post author

      As I’m sitting here waiting for my new Windows 7 64-bit system to arrive, it’s an immense relief to hear that EverNote 2 works with 64-bit systems! It hadn’t even crossed my mind and it would have been quite a shock to find out otherwise.

      1. Sean

        Should keep my fingers crossed as I say this, but Windows 7’s support for 32 bit stuff has so far been superb. There are a few heavyweight programs that as a matter of course, I upgraded such as my Adobe suite, but those ALWAYS need upgrade upon OS upgrade, or else you suffer. The rest if usable on XP SP3 have so far (knock on wood) installed in their “program files x32” folders and just chugged along like nothing but a speed upgrade happened.

        The major advantage has been getting a new enough machine that all the peripherals have solid drivers, unlike a friend or two that were having constant problems with Vista and 3rd party drivers (brought back memories of Windows XP RTM pre-SP1 and buggy drivers).

        I am very happy with Windows Vista SP3 AKA Windows 7. It’s nice to run a 4 core processor and 8GB memory and once again see vast amounts of memory unused, unless you’re loading up a Linux 4GB Virtual Server to mirror your external website for design.

        1. JL Post author

          I’ve got a quad-core processor (i5-750) coming with 6 GB RAM and just pray that all my favorites survive including my scanner that’s old but completely functional as it is now.

  2. Daithí

    Is that confirmed? Is Evernote 2.1 definitely compatible with Windows 7? My office is moving to Win 7 from XP and if EN2 doesn’t work, I will be very definitely screwed.

    BTW Is their any decent tablet that EN2 will work on?


    1. JL Post author

      Someone else asked about upgrading EN 2.2to Windows 7 and it worked fine. It would be simple enough to try your EN 2.1 or use the installer here to upgrade.

      I have a cheap tablet that EverNoteworks with. I can’t speak for all of them.

  3. Sam Cox

    I’m so glad I found you. I’ve been living with a really old version of Firefox because upgrading would’ve killed my Evernote clipper. Like others who have commented here, I have no need for EN3. So, today I upgraded Firefox to the latest version, dropped in your modified clipper, and all is well with the world.

    Thank you very much,
    — Sam

    1. JL Post author

      You’re very welcome, Sam. I use EverNote v.2 everyday pretty much all day. If I didn’t have it I might have to give up computers altogether.

  4. mhmartel

    Thanks for posting this great software. I’ve used it for years now and frankly couldn’t live without it!

    Just wanted to say that I have been running EverNote v.2 on my Windows 7 desktop since June, and it still works just fine. The web clipper for IE 8 also still works just fine.

    I’m getting a tablet soon and will be attempting to install it on that as well, and (hopefully) sync it to my desktop. If anyone’s interested, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. Phil

    Awesome. Thanks for posting this. I just installed it in Linux using Wine. I have never “got” version 3. Version 2 is so useful.

    thanks, Phil

  6. Rebecca Stefoff

    Thanks very much for this site. I needed to re-download my trusty old EN2 and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it.

    I just upgraded Firefox (to 3.6.12) and the clipper is incompatible. I’m going to try fixing it myself so it will work with this version of Firefox, but if anyone knows of one that IS compatible, I’d love to hear about it.

      1. Rebecca Stefoff

        JL, not sure what the problem is. I have tried both drag-and-dropping and save/installing. Both ways I get the message in my Firefox Extensions window that the clipper is incompatible with Firefox 3.6.12. And the uninstall button doesn’t work, either. I have to manually strip the file from my directory and restart Firefox. I may have to try uninstalling 3.6.12 and going back to an earlier version of Firefox.

        Otherwise, I’m really happy to have EN2 up and running again, with all my years’ worth of notes safely installed. I’ve downloaded it onto my new netbook, too, and “synced” my notes the old-fashioned noncloud way, with Import/Export and a USB drive.

        Thanks again for making this great tool available. I’d hate to lose it, and I’m sure the clipper problem I’m having with Firefox will be resolved somehow. (Btw, the clipper is working fine on Thunderbird.)

        1. JL Post author

          I don’t know what to say about that. I’ve been running Firefox 3.6.12 for as long as it’s been out and the EN clipper works fine for me. I just drag and drop it onto an open browser window and click the Allow button that comes up and it’s off and running again.

  7. Rebecca Stefoff

    JL–Success with the web clipper!

    I kept getting messages that either the clipper was incompatible with Firefox 3.6.12 (which didn’t make sense because others, including you, are using it) or that Firefox couldn’t install it because of an unknown error. Finally I rooted out some duplicate downloads of old clippers (from the EN Corp) that were lurking on my hard drive, deleted them, and tried again to drag, drop, and install the button on your page. It worked, and I am a happy EverNoter.


  8. Ryph

    The web-clipper .xpi is accepted just fine on this win764bit, firefox 3.6.12 installation, via drag and drop. Good thing too, because everything after version 2.2 has altered the sense of EverNote into something unrecognizable.

    The UI in Version 2.2, in a minimal state, is just plain better.

  9. Richard

    Thanks so much for making the download of EN2 available!!
    I’ve searched hours looking.
    I did download V3.1 & 3.5 but didn’t like either. Good to see I’m not alone

  10. Dale L.

    I’m also using v2.2 on Linux Ubuntu (with Wine) and it works just fine. I just can’t do without this software! Who cares about v3 and upwards…! v2.2 is way better. This version allows you to work with templates – something you have to forget about with v3… and if you stored loads of information with v2.2 templates, you get to lose it all with their version 3…

    For me, v2.2 is irreplacable – nothing compares…!

    1. Doug D

      I totally agree. It is *far* more enjoyable and productive than either Evernote 3 *or* Evernote 4!

  11. Nick

    Thanks for posting the older version. I’m surprised there are not more people who hate the fact that their data is kept on a server somewhere! Even if you disable the synch option for version3 seems to limit you to ~40MB of data, so it’s not really something you can use offline.

    Thanks again!

    1. Sean

      Too many people think the cloud is going to come and save us. Then you get Egypted and find that there is some data you would like to access locally instead of turning your computer into a useless brick when the internet’s down.

  12. Jokedog

    You heard enough, but I can’t thank you enough.
    Thanks so much for making the download of EN2 Portable available!!

    Been using EN2 since it came out. Tried EN3, but not a fan. Tried M$ OneNote, but still prefer EN2. Downloaded EN2 portable a few years ago, but never thought i actually needed it. My company, JPMC, decided to get rid of laptop in favor of thin client (virtual desktop) mainly in favor of security and ease of support. I’m restricted the standard apps and no longer have admin privilege to install any software on my virtual desktop since it is now locked down. This mean I no longer have access to my EN data to do my job. Thanks to EN2 Portable, I’m back in action.

    Thank you! Been looking for this for a while.

  13. Anita

    I have to echo other sentiments here, when I say thank you!

    At home, I’ve continued to use an older version of Firefox just to keep using the 2.x web clipper. At work, I’ve had to apply the 2.x “hack” to keep this functionality. Thank goodness I purchased EN2 before the “upgrade”.

    You’ve done us a GREAT favor by making the clipper and older versions of EN available. They’re pretty hard to find, any more.

  14. Frankie Crowe

    I can’t get this to work in Firefox 4. I even edited the install.rdf to read” 4.0.0 as the version and I get the following error “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined” when I click on the EverNote icon.

  15. ji

    I have the same problem.

    Dose it means that the webclipper would never work in Firefox 4 or later?

    1. JL Post author

      I’ve updated the clipper button for Firefox v4.5 now, so try it again. And please report back if it works.

  16. dd

    @JL “I’ve updated the clipper button for Firefox v4.5 now, so try it again. And please report back if it works.”
    No it still gives “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined” error (WinXP SP3 x86 FF4.0). I set max version in install.rdf to 5.0.x and still get same error. Seems as if FF4 now also requires a clazz variable to be defined inside extensions for the extension to work.

  17. dd

    I also tried the unpack command which is new to FF4 but to no avail.

    “Firefox 4 no longer extracts XPIs when installing extensions. It just places the XPI file in the user profile, and then reads the chrome files and others directly out of the XPI.”
    (source https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Updating_extensions_for_Firefox_4.0)

    I added the unpack command to install.rdf:

    EverNote Web Clipper

    as per the unpack command example here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Install_Manifests#unpack

    *I just found people got the same “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined” error when going from FF2 to FF3 so my assumption of FF4 needing a clazz variable to be defined seems to be incorrect.

    1. JL Post author

      So, do you now have a working EverNote Clipper for Firefox 4? If so, could you please email it over to me so I can have a look and post it for others to use? I haven’t upgraded to FF4 yet, and won’t unless I know the EverNote Clipper will work with it, so I can’t test it myself.

  18. dd

    The code still won’t display correctly when I post (dang HTML) so here’s a screenshot:


    I added line 8 in the screenshot to install.rdf

    @JL No it’s still giving the same exception error. I posted my feeble attempt to get it to work in hopes of someone seeing something I may be doing wrong.

    1. JL Post author

      Try increasing the version number. It’s still set at 4.0 in the screenshot. I’m not saying that’s the cure but might as well cover every base.

      Apparently, there’s another tricky part when you’re putting the clipper back together. If you add it to the folder and then zip it, it’s different than if you add install.rdf to the zip folder. Really.

    1. JL Post author

      I don’t have time to work on this today but something that might work is taking a working extension apart and see how it’s put together. That might give some idea how it’s done correctly.

  19. Jim Crockett

    I changed Install.rdf file to [MaxVersion] to 4.9 and webclipper 2.2 loads ok into the Firefox extensions; Firefox Extension screen shows it as a valid extension

    However, there is no Evernote entry in the right-click context menu.

    Anyone with any ideas???


  20. DBC

    Great site! I’ve just come back to EN2.2 so am trying to get everything working again. Like others I have tried to hack the FF version # in the WebClipper add-on, but no luck – I also got the “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined” message.

    Apparently other software developers are having problems with their wb-clipper add-ins. See, for example, MyInfo:

    I hope someone will come up with a solution. By the way the Universal Clipper in EN2.2 still works fine.

    1. JL Post author

      I’m not a software programmer. This is over my head. I had a look at the new plugin guidelines and it’s not as simple as changing the version number. I’m sticking with Firefox 3 until someone comes up with the fix.

  21. hansBKK

    I love this version of Evernote, but looks like compatibility issues are looming. I’m basically forced to upgrade to Firefox 4 – any chance of a v2.2 compatible extension getting tweaked to be compatible with FF4?

    I have **thousands** of notes in dozens of databases, can’t imagine the pain involved in trying to get all the data moved over to the latest version of Evernote, most likely just not possible anymore. I might have to run a virtual machine just for my “frozen in time” setup. . .

    1. JL Post author

      As you can see in the comments here, the question about the extension for FF4 has been asked. So far, no-one’s come up with it.

      As much as I also love EN2 I’ve had to move on recently because of copy and paste not working anymore (possibly due to a Windows7 update?) I’ve switched to MS OneNote by copying and pasting my remaining notes over to it. Fortunately, I’d already started clearing it out about 8 months ago so there were only 160 notes left to move.

  22. Jim Crockett

    I’m running Firefox 5.x now, on a new pc with Windows 7, so I’m having the same problems as the rest of you in that the right click Add to Evernote produces an “exception:TypeError: clazz is undefined” error. However, by using the Universal Clipper option, I am able to copy highlighted information from the web into Evernote without any problems. It takes a bit longer and is perhaps not quite as convenient but it does work! I also wish that someone would wave their magic wand and ‘fix’ the install.rdf file but until that happens, I’ll continue to use Evernote 2.2 with the Universal Clipper.


    1. Rebecca Stefoff

      Jim C–Thanks for the reminder about the Universal Clipper. I’ve been getting along with the “Add to Evernote” function and have never even used the UC. I am, though, ready to move on from Firefox 3.6; I’ve been putting it off because the add-on doesn’t work with FF4 and beyond. Now I’m going to experiment with the UC to make sure it works for me, and then I can update my browser at last.

      JL–I’ve been pondering about what to do about note-taking (which for me is mostly web-clipping) in the future. EN 2.2 may not remain viable forever, with switches to new machines, etc. Interesting to hear that you’ve migrated over to OneNote. I’ll look into it as a possible replacement for the beloved blue-and-white scroll. . . . Maybe it’s better to bite the bullet now than to go on collecting notes in EN 2.2 and have even more to review/delete/migrate someday.

      1. JL Post author

        I’m using OneNote because it’s here and it’s the closest replacement I can find overall. I don’t like the lack of the EN clipper though. OneNote works but screen clippings are a copy and paste thing. You select something, right-click and Copy. Then you click the icon in the system tray. That opens a screen where you Paste. All that goes to “Unfiled Notes” where you can go later and either cut and paste them somewhere else or move the notes through browsing to the right section or sub-section. Clearly, it’s laborious compared to EN2 but it does work.

        Anything I know of is going to be Copy & Paste even if you’re pasting to Notepad.

        I still use EN2 for my email because all I do with that is collect it chronologically and then print it to PDF, one email per page. But I ran into a problem with Cut, Copy & Paste not working for me in EN2 anymore so I’ve had no choice but to move on. A fresh OS installation might help because I’m the only one I know who’s having this problem on W7.

        I thought I’d be running EN2 til they pried it out of my cold dead hands. I guess we can’t count on that.

    2. andy1618

      It takes a bit longer and is perhaps not quite as convenient but it does work!

      On my system (Win7, EN, Firefox 6.0.2) the Universal Web Clipper supports a very handy shortcut: Win+A
      This is probably even more convenient than the standard (not working) “Add to Evernote” menu item.
      Thank you for the advice!!

  23. JL Post author

    Rebecca, on second thought, there’s a couple other options I can think of. They’re both Firefox plugins. I haven’t upgraded to FF4 yet but I bet they’re still onboard as they’re both heavy-duty plugins and I doubt they’d let them go. One is called Scrapbook and the other one is Zotero.

    With Scrapbook, you can highlight some text, right-click and choose Save Selection. That makes it almost as easy as EN2. It will make a list of your screen clippings in the sidebar for which there’s an icon to open and close. There are editing tools including highlighters, adding notes to your clippings, a link back to the Source URL, search, etc. You can move your clippings around into folders and export them. I could go on. This is the simpler one.

    If you’ve never seen Zotero, you haven’t lived. Try it out. Same thing where you can right-click on a selection and save it. Or highlight your selection and save the whole page for context.

    1. Rebecca Stefoff

      JL, thanks for these suggestions. I will definitely experiment with both of them, although at first glance Zotero looks more appealing to me. According to the Zotero site it runs on FF through 5.

      I liked your remark about your cold, dead hands. Just as well, though, that it didn’t come to that! I’m going to spend some time going through my EN notes to see if I can trim some of the deadwood, in case I decide to migrate them to something else. Ideally, though, I’ll be able to keep good old EN 2.2 running with everything that’s already in it, even if I switch to something else for new notes.

      Thanks again!

      1. JL Post author

        I’m not a happy camper without EN2. I’m a confused camper is what it is. Even trying to write a draft comment here I have to think about where to do it. First I have to open OneNote which is a 3-key shortcut and I keep forgetting what it is, then I have to find somewhere to click on ‘New Page’ before I can begin. It’s just TOO much.

        The upside (I’m trying to think what they are) of migrating notes is that I have two monitors so I just had to drag and drop them from EN2 into OneNote. It did help me clean up the ‘deadwood’ along the way so that was good.

        I actually started moving things out several months ago because I had ‘other plans’ for how I wanted to use EverNote and now they’re in text documents god knows where. Can’t help feeling like I’m pedaling a bike backwards up a hill.

        Remember to back up your Firefox profile because that’s where all the plugin content hides out. Unless there’s some other way of doing that. Scrapbook has an export feature and with Zotero you can have an account where it backs up a certain amount automatically for free. Don’t quote me on that.

  24. hansbkk

    Well, I just completed migrating from FF3 to FF4 and I’m very happy with how things turned out. (I’m using the Universal Clipper v1.0.0.36 – is that the latest for EN v2.2? I don’t know where I got it, might be from my original adoption!)

    Under FF4 I’m dipping my toe in the water with the up-to-date Evernote – haven’t installed the desktop yet, just clipping to a new web account. I’m testing to see if this can be a delicious replacement for me, as I’m nervous about their post-Yahoo future. If things work out I might just expand my usage of the “new flavor” Evernote despite their lack of true hierarchical tagging, which I’ve become most attached to in v2.2.

    Since I’m also using Portable Firefox, both for v3 and 4, and they can co-exist with each other, or even separate profiles within one version using the -no-remote command line switch, along with -profile. But that seems unecessarily complicated, given that the UC can service my EN v2.2

    If I do decide to start using the new EN locally as well, I’m most overjoyed that we have a Portable Evernote v2.2, so that I don’t need to find a way to migrate all my data over to the new one at one time, I reckon they’ll be able to co-exist – registry-installed “new Coke” side by side with the Universal Clipper and Portable EN v2.2.

    Feedback on this strategy would be most welcome, especially from someone already doing (whatever parts) of the above!

    PS I can confirm that the latest updates to FF3 (v3.18) works fine with the v2.2 extension here, perhaps this page should be updated to reflect that?

  25. Anita

    Firefox 6 & Evernote — After editing and trying many versions of install.rdf, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re not going to easily use the 2.x webclipper with Firefox 4x-6x. I thought that I might have to run older and newer versions of FF simultaneously so that I could upgrade FF AND continue to use Evernote.

    I recently installed FF 6 and fooled around with EN 2, and am convinced that everything still works EXCEPT the webclipper.

    I had my best results like this:

    Open Evernote 2.x (and universal clipper v1.0.0.36)
    Open Firefox 6.x
    Select desired clip with mouse or CTRL-A for full page
    Copy selection using CTRL-C or other combo
    Paste into Evernote (new note) using CTRL-ALT-V**, generates “1 note added” bubble

    ** keystroke for pasting into a new note from any application
    see Evernote 2.x settings: Tools – Options – Tape (tab) – Tape options

    Also note that the Universal Clipper continues to work the way that it always did.

    I was elated to discover that I can continue to use Evernote in these newer versions of Firefox. (Of course, I’m still irritated that they won’t fix the webclipper for those of us who aren’t interested in “the cloud”.)

  26. DBC

    Thanks for looking at this, Anita. I’m still on FF v5, and am resigned to using the universal clipper – and it’s really not so bad. Good to know that it still works on v6 – and to have your instructions for best results.


    1. Anita

      Yes, you’re welcome. I was desperate to get this to work. I’ve been using Evernote 2.x for some years now, both at home and at work. A couple of things I discovered during my experimentation:

      a) You have to have Evernote running, first – but you don’t need to switch to it at any time.

      b) You have to have the CTRL-ALT-V option checked in the Tape Option settings as I mentioned
      in my previous post

      c) This functionality appears to work in ANY application, not just Firefox, so…
      selection + copy + CTRL-ALT-V will copy ANYTHING into Evernote

      As Rebecca mentions below, this isn’t as one-click easy as using the webclipper, but at least we don’t have to lose the functionality.

  27. Rebecca Stefoff

    Wanted to mention that I recently switched from FF to Chrome as my default browser. The Universal Clipper works on Chrome pretty much the same as on FF. Not as one-click easy as using the old webclipper, but not bad. Occasionally I get a “Can’t Clip–Please run Evernote and try again” message, but a second click on the UC button opens Evernote and clips whatever I’ve selected.

    1. DBC

      Thanks again. It works perfectly.

      Glad to know it works in Chrome. Maybe I’ll try installing it again (I had a problem last time I tried.) Firefox is rather slow on my laptop..

  28. Scott

    Appreciation redux here. 😉

    Just wanted to add my thanks to the many others here for hosting the 2.2 versions and the Web clipper. My desktop crashed catastrophically and my backups were for shyte, so I was desperate. I found an EN sync I had done in May on a thumb drive, and after finding this, am now back in business on my new Win7 laptop. Many, many thanks!


  29. HansBKK

    I’m finally going to start transitioning away from Evernote – it won’t be easy with 50k+ snippets in dozens of ENB files, but I’ve resolved to stop adding to them as much as possible, and for certain topic areas spend an hour at a time parsing through and start cleaning up.

    What am I replacing it with? Well so far, basically nothing! Text files and PNGs stored in a folder hierarchy. In other words, I never want to let my data get “locked up” again.

    I’m testing out various ways of manipulating and accessing my content, which is mostly just little snippets and “chunks” lightly tagged. On the positive side, this storage “unformat” leaves it open to lots and lots of tools. On the downside, the ones that **leave** them in that format, don’t require importing into their own, usually are pretty tech-geeky and have a steep learning curve to learn effectively. The exception so far is KeepNote, so feel free to check that out, but be aware there’s nothing else with all the power and simplicity of EN2, it’s definitely a compromise to move away from it to anything else out there.

    For any programmers (or wannabes like me) I can recommend taking a look at Leo (leo-editor), a Python outliner/editor/scripting tool. A quote from a message I sent someone in another context:

    For me, it’s just a great tool for managing my “snippets” and
    “chunks”, because my brain naturally works in outlines when trying to
    organize complex inter-related ideas.

    Leo allows nodes (text chunks, functions, code objects?) to be cloned
    to any branch in the outline, and in fact any branch to become a child
    of any other node. You can have multiple paths, loops, full-blown
    “webs” – in Leo “web are outlines in disguise”.

    The maths “graphs theory” that ensure there are no “endless loops” in
    cloned outlines is built-in to Leo. I don’t know much about it though

    It’s power in programming – particularly python – is in the way it
    exposes the data to scripts as full-blown dynamic objects, all their
    “meta properties” including all their clone-locations in the outline,
    are directly accessible as attributes without your code having to
    parse any text. Of course I’m just parroting the founder’s words,
    don’t really know what all this means, but to my mind well worth
    further exploration, even if I’m just using it as an outliner and text
    file manager.


    Also for techies, but in this case you only need to be willing to set up a local PHP web server: DokuWiki. Another recycled quote:

    You may have seen I’ve been discussing adding txt2tags as a plugin
    syntax for DokuWiki, as that seems an excellent “transparent
    container” for community collaboration on documents – its native data
    store is plain text files, which it leaves alone in the filesystem,
    using separate data stores for the DW-specific meta data.

    Therefore external text tools can write to the “live” wiki data and
    the Wiki will reflect the content changes immediately, no
    import/export required.


    1. JL Post author

      For the less geeky amongst us, I dragged and dropped my notes from EN2 to OneNote, hated it and moved on to ActionOutline. The free version is good enough to get the general idea but likely you’ll soon want to move onto paying your $39. That unlocks all potential including exporting entire outlines or single branches to rtf or html, so you will never be ‘locked up’ in a proprietary format. I also have it installed on my other computer and keep the outlines in Dropbox, so that makes it essentially portable.

      The other thing I use extensively is the portable version of FreePlane for mind mapping. It has a simple html export option so it’s easy enough to turn mind maps back into straight outlines.

  30. HansBKK

    Sorry, could you give me some background on what problem this solves?

    So far I’ve been fine with just using the old-school web clipper, does that stop working with the latest browsers, or other apps?

    Or is this just to get back the “one-click” convenience of the old FF extension?

    1. JL Post author

      It seems to me the EN2 clipper stops working after v.3 of Firefox and, probably, v.3 of Thunderbird. People have talked about it plenty in the conversation above if you’re looking for background. The point of the workaround just posted is to be able use click.to to paste directly into EverNote 2 with a single click in the manner the EN2 clipper used to work. I haven’t upgraded Firefox or Thunderbird yet but it won’t be optional much longer.

  31. HansBKK

    Sorry to be holding conversations in two places, feel free to ignore my comment to the other post and respond here to keep things together.

    I haven’t used the FF extension for a long time, as other extensions required me to move to 4+ ages ago. The (what I call old-school) web clipper has so far been working fine for me with any app, including arbitrary browser versions on various platforms, so I’d really like to hear about people having problems with that.

    Note that I often work in portable mode on a large variety of computers, including many I don’t have install rights to.

    It’s great to see creative workarounds like this, and your post has opened my eyes to tools that may well help me in other areas, so thanks for posting this.

    1. JL Post author

      As I said, there’s a long conversation going on here about not being able to upgrade the clipper starting with version 4.0. I haven’t upgraded yet so I haven’t been bothered by it. Also, I’ve mostly moved away from EverNote so there’s another reason I don’t follow the details.

  32. Doug

    Reading with much interest, since I was forced to upgrade FF to version 4 (several crucial websites no longer support FF 3.*, and disable all but the most basic features for FF versions earlier than 4.*). Several people have mentioned a “universal clipper” that I had never heard of. After an afternoon of research, this appears to have been a side project that is now incorporated into more recent versions of the desktop client. Any page on the web with a download link points back to the EN website, where of course they’ve removed the page hosting the universal clipper. Does anyone have a working download link?

    1. JL Post author

      The Universal Clipper that people are talking about is part of EverNote 2 and can be found in the menu under ‘Tools’. It can be set under ‘Options’ to launch automatically.

      1. Doug

        Ah thanks. I never saw that before. Or maybe the references to “My.Evernote.com” had me convinced that it was part of the networked version, so I promptly forgot about it. That should do in a pinch, and more elegant than drag and drop or copy/paste.

        Since I work with a tablet, a PC and a Mac, people have been nudging me toward Springpad; any thoughts? Hadn’t seen that mentioned. Everything is synced to their server like EN 3+, but local copies are kept on all devices when there is no internet connection (or when you aren’t logged in). It’s a bit restrictive in the way it handles info, and has an annoying tendency to include only the url when trying to save a whole page, but I was starting to consider it.

  33. HansBKK

    Note also that there is no problem with also running FF 3.6 in “portable” mode if you want to have a more recent Firefox installed traditionally (via a setup.exe, written to the registry). They won’t interfere with each other at all, you just can’t use them both at the same time.

    BTW if you’ve made the jump to FF4, you might as well use the latest and greatest and keep that up to date, as long as you’ve got your old FF3 setup (move your old profile over to the portable folder) with all your old plugins you’ll probably find it best to start from a clean install and add those plugins you really need (and are available for the new hotness) one at a time.

    They are actually improving things with the new releases, once you get over the panicky feeling of upgrading every six weeks it isn’t a problem (again, you always have the FF3 setup to go back to – for example, I need to use that with my old TiddlyWiki’s, which have tons of old plugins incompatible with the newer security features. Also some standalone Prism apps. . .

  34. JL Post author

    I’d like to print to PDF from EverNote 2 and have the URLs in my content still working. Does anyone know a way to re-code this? I remember at the old EverNote 2 forum there was some-one talking there about how to change print options. Alas! the forum seems to have disappeared.

  35. nh_wzg

    Filename with chinese characters can not chang/edit in the hyperlink properties windows.
    After the change made the filename turned to invalid filename.

    Any advice appreciate.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      It sounds like either EverNote 2 can’t read Chinese hyperlinks, or the changed file name was no longer in a valid format to be a hyperlink. I have no advice because I don’t read Chinese so I can’t try it.

  36. HansBKK

    Leo was totally geeky overkill for an outline note-taking tool.

    Zim-Wiki is totally cool though, I may not be able to ever actually migrate all my data out of my old EN files, but to the extent I can that’s where it’s (they’re) going. . .

  37. GF

    Just found this site and am a user of EN2 – very useful thanks very much.

    As others I am very happy using EN2 and don’t want to go to the cloud or pay. I have the Outlook clipper working which is brilliant but can’t get a clipper working directly from firefox but am happy using the Universal Clipper. The easiest way to get a whole web page clipped to Evernote is just to use
    – Ctrl+A (to select everything on the web page)
    – Win+A (to copy the selection to Evernote)

    Of course it is usually better to be a bit more selective and just select the part of the web page that is most relevant, and the Universal clipper is very helpful in doing this.

    The only problem is that it doesn’t copy the URL of the website and I often want that as well

  38. Ron S

    Hi: I just downloaded the Evernote Desktop to my new Samsung Win 8 laptop. I used this version on my previous Vista laptop. However on the install attempt, I got a Unhandled Exception box pop up. Error # 0x80040702, fialed to load DLL:enInst. Setup will now terminate.
    Re downloaded and got same result.
    I had hoped to take the data saved on the Vista machine and transfer it to the new machine so I would not lose everything.
    Anyone know if transferring the data can be done to the web based Evernote? And if so, how to do it? A version called Evernote touch came preinstalled on the Samsung machine.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      Are you talking about EverNote version 2?

      When version 3 first came out there was a way to import notes from version 2 – at least some of them. No guarantee unless you were paying for the Premium version. Evernote killed that option a long time ago. I ended up dragging and dropping my notes one at a time to move them. I assume you’d have to do something similar if you want to get your notes into the present version of Evernote. But, perhaps, someone else knows an easier way.

    2. Mike

      I realize this message was from quite some time ago, but I was having the same issue on a Windows 10 tablet and wanted to use the old version ( I was able to use the portable and set the properties to run Compatibility XP SP2. ( Right Click Evernote.exe > Select Compatibility tab > Select XP2 from drop down) Always enjoyed using this version best. Now .. I can again! Hope this helps someone.

  39. Frank

    Are the old versions of Firefox, i.e. 3.6.28 really that dangerous for security if you are running firewall and real time virus protection?

    I’m tired of having functionality of EN 2 being lost every time Firefox is updated.

    Anyone still using 3.6.28?

      1. Doug

        Firefox doesn’t force updates, you simply have Automatic Updates enabled. Disable them in the options panel.

        1. JL Beeken Post author

          Uh-oh. Too late now? but I’ve moved on and it’s OK. EverNote 2 stopped working for me for other reasons. Cut, copy and paste rarely functioned. I’ve moved to ActionOutline and am much happier with it.

    1. Anita

      At work, I’m using 3.6.18, which I’ve continued to use so that I can keep running Evernote 2. (I also have Firefox v.19 installed, and IE 8). I try not to use the newer version of Firefox if I can help it. At home, I have a similar setup, using Firefox 3.6.x as well.

      So far, so good.

  40. Scott

    FWIW, I’m using FF 15.0.1, and by launching the Universal Clipper (“Tools|Launch Universal Clipper” in Evernote 2), I still use EN just fine. It’s not as handy as highlighting the desired selection and clicking the Evernote icon (which is still there, but errors out when used), or right-clicking and selecting “Add to Evernote” from the context menu (which is also still there, and also errors out).

    With the Universal Clipper, you have to take the extra step, after highlighting, of copying (Ctrl-C or “Edit|Copy”), then you can click the UC icon in the systray to add to Evernote. No need to paste into Evernote, and it works *exactly* like the old “Add to Evernote,” in that it creates a new note in whatever category is currently active in EN. Furthermore, as the name implies, it is universal, so that you can highlight and add to Evernote from *any* application, even those with no EN extension/add-in (newsreaders, text editors, PDFs, Chrome and Safari browsers, etc.). Basically, if it can be placed on the clipboard, UC can add it to Evernote.

    In my case, it’s even easier. I have a Logitech wireless optical wheel mouse. Logitech’s SetPoint software lets me program the wheel’s left-tilt and right-tilt switches. I’ve got left-tilt programmed for Ctrl-C and right-tilt for Ctrl-V. So, I just highlight the desired content, click left-tilt on the wheel, than click the UC icon. Done. For me, it basically extends EN 2.x useful lifetime to… well, forever. 😉


  41. Ron S

    Thanks to those that suggested a solution to my problem re transferring data from an older computer with an early version of Evernote to a new computer and the latest Evernote version. I looked into using Action Outline and was impressed with what I saw. If I were still working, and not retired, I likely would have made the move in this direction, since it looks good for project work. In the end, I took another look at One Note 2013, which came with Office 2013. It looked improved from the early days with this program when I just tried it for the trial period. I ended up copying the data in Evernote on the old computer by category and pasted into emails, which I then emailed to myself and picked up on the new computer. Then I could paste the older info into One Note by category as well. I think this will do the job. Now the only trick is to remember to put new info into One Note as well, since remembering to do stuff can be a trick in itself for we retirees!
    Cheers, and thanks again.

  42. mark

    Great site!
    Is there any way to draw shapes in evernote 2.2? For instance, I would like to draw a rectangle around important areas of a screenshot as part of a guide.

      1. JL Beeken Post author

        Mark, I’m re-reading through the comments and it seems I missed this one. Yes, there is a way.

        If you use the Universal Clipper (Win+Prt Sc) (turn it on first or have it on when your computer starts) to start a screenshot, there’s other options after that.

        -Drag the sides around to get the size you want.
        -Either click ‘D’ or right-click in the area of the screenshot and choose Toggle Drawing Mode.
        -Either click ‘S’ or right-click in the area of the screenshot and choose Recognize Shapes.

        There are other shortcut keys for pen thickness and color, easy to memorize. If you’ve got ‘Recognize Shapes’ turned on, your freehand rectangle will straighten itself up.

        I would still go with Clarify for anything with more professional intent but this method will work in a pinch. Depends how good you are writing with a mouse.

  43. mark

    Thank JL Beeken. Wow, I didn’t know you could draw on screenshots using Evernote’s clipper. That is exactly what I was looking for. On top of that, the shape recognition is just amazing. Love it!

    Another question: is there a way to set reminders in Evernote 2.2.? If not, what would you recommend for this task? I’ve been using Pnotes for reminders but wanted to hear what others like.


      1. mark

        EN2 is not working in Win7? I am using it fine on Win7 x64. What issues are you referring to?

        Ya, I don’t think there is a way to do reminders other than create a new “Dates” category and name the notes by date (i.e. 2013-09-20- Friend’s birthday).

        I might stick to Pnotes/Outlook for reminders. Pnotes has a great alarm feature that starts flashing in the middle of the screen and plays audio once the event time is reached.

        ActionOutline looks very interesting. Does it have search-as-you-type like in Evernote?

        1. JL Beeken Post author

          Cut, copy and paste stopped working for me in EN2.

          I think you’re right about how to use it for reminders. I tried to figure it out myself at one time.

          Other than being another notes organizer ActionOutline is not like EverNote. And the search doesn’t work the same either. There’s a free version if you’d like to try it. I actually like it better than EverNote 2 nowadays. EN2 got to be too much of a dumping ground for me rather than something to keep me on track.

          My blog, amongst other things, is a long journey through different ideas about digital organization including post-its of all kinds. Where I am now is working fine. It’s as simple as I can make it and that’s key.

          Everyone’s mileage will vary depending on their needs.

  44. Peter Gutenstein

    Have been using EN for years on my Vista PC, presently running peacefully in parallel with EN 4.6 and BOTH installed in C:Programfiles.
    Just bought a Win 8 laptop and was able to install EN successfully via compatibility mode on this PC. Would like to run EN 4.6 (Desktop) on the Win 8 PC in parallel with EN 2.2 with a view to gradually migrating all my notes (a few thousand) from EN 2.2 to EN 4.6.
    Have tried installing EN 4.6 but when I do so, it removes EN 2.2.
    When I reinstall EN 2.2, IT removes EN 4.6.
    Tried to install EN 4.6 on a different drive than EN 2.2. one on C: and the other on F: but each reinstalles the other.
    Any ideas how to run them in parallel, as I am doing on my Vista PC?

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      When v.3 first came out and for a year or two after that, it was possible to keep running v.2 at the same time. Then Evernote made an announcement that we could no longer do that. So, I think that’s how it is. One or the other. Why it’s been working for you on Vista I don’t know having never used that OS. And if there’s a way around it I’m not a person who knows how.

  45. mark

    Hello Again!

    I’ve noticed another small issue with this version’s Universal Clipper. How on earth do you take an area screenshot for popup menus? As soon as I press the area clip button, the popup menu disappears. Any way to do it? If not, is there another free screenshot tool that has the live drawing and shape detection features like in Universal Clipper?


  46. David

    I use Evernote 2 as well. However, I have the Windows Taskbar at the top of the desktop and each time I open Evernote it opens in a position that is higher than the last time. Eventually it opens so high up the titlebar is off the desktop. Can anyone offer a solution to this? Currently I use Desksoft Window Manager, but it isn’t an ideal solution because there are some inconsistencies with the way rules are enforced.

  47. mark

    Does anyone know who was the lead programmer behind Evernote v2 ? IMO, this individual should receive “the best coder of century award”. Over 7 years have past since v2 came out and there still aren’t too many windows note taking apps that can compete with this superb app.

    1. fritz

      Couldn’t agree more. Same sad situation on Mac, and EN2 is the only reason why I’m still running an XP virtual machine.
      A close match I know of on Windows is CintaNotes – but it still lacks auto-tagging.

  48. Richard

    I have been using V. ever since EN brought out V3 and stripped out a lot of the features that I had been using. I am about to get a new laptop and think that now is the time to move to the current version. I am doing this for two reasons
    1. The value of being able to take notes/photos/etc on my Smartphone and have them sync to my desktop is now high
    2. My use of Evernote has simplified – as I am largely using OneNote and My Life Organised for the structured stuff and Delicious for storing my links and Pocket for reading them. So I am just using EN as a place to drop stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere – still useful but not as sophisticated as when I was doing everything in EN.

    Anyway, my question is will I be able to import my EN Db’s into the current version – does anybody know?


    1. JL Beeken Post author

      As far as I know you’re not going to be able to but someone else may know a workaround. Version 2 has been gone for a long time now. In the earlier days of switching over that was possible and yet only somewhat for the free version. I printed out a lot of stuff and then dragged and dropped everything else into ActionOutline.


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