How To Install Fonts (Windows)

This shows how to install fonts for Windows systems as well as programs that run on Windows and use the system fonts, such as Photoshop, the Gimp and Microsoft Word.

Get fonts

Download fonts from your favorite font sites. eg. -

Better Fonts
1001 Free Fonts
Google web fonts

Unzip folders


The fonts will generally download as zip folders. If you don’t have a zip utility, like WinZip or 7-Zip, use Open With/Windows Explorer to open them.

The fonts usually have the extension of TTF. Some fonts have only one version, some have several.

Fonts folder


Go to C:\Windows\Fonts. Drop the fonts (the TTF files) into this folder.
or …
Send a shortcut to this folder to your desktop. Then drag and drop the fonts into it.
or …
Right-click on each font, or a whole group of fonts at once, right click and choose Install.

Installing fonts


If you only install one or two fonts, this window could go by so fast you won’t even see it. If it takes longer, wait for it to finish.



You will now find the fonts on your font list anywhere a program uses your system fonts.

Delete fonts


If you want to delete a font or several of them, go to C:\Windows\Fonts again, hold down your Ctrl key, select and then delete. Or select, right-click and delete.

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