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Legacy Family TreeI noticed something about Legacy Backup time while I was generating dozens of backups in a day working on the family file.

Generally, at the end of the day, what I do is start at the bottom of the list and delete every other one going backwards to shorten the number I keep. The important part about this is that I was assuming the last one in the list was the most recent.


Legacy Backup time

I noticed 1PM and everything else PM was coming before 12 PM which is Noon. And AM’s were all mixed in with PM’s.

So, in the example above, if I kept the last one and deleted the one above it, I would have kept a backup from 8 versions ago and killed my most recent one.

The backups were being named according to a 12-hour clock, which is the default in Windows 7. Windows does not take AM and PM into consideration when sorting by Name. It understands numbers and then it quits.

Before deleting anything, if you sort your list by Date modified instead, you’ll get the dates and times in the right order.

Legacy Backup time

I might forget to do that so I clicked on the clock icon in the system tray expecting there to be an option for switching to a 24-hour clock. Of course, typical of Windows, there isn’t one.

It does exist, just not anywhere you’d expect it to.

Changing Windows 7 to a 24-hour clock

Go to Control Panel
Click on Region and Language (Icon view) or Clock, Region and Language (Category view)
Click on the Format tab

Next to Short time, click the drop-down arrow and pick the one with the capital H. That means 24-hours apparently. Not exactly obvious but it works.

Changing Windows 7 to a 24-hour clock

Do the same thing with Long time.

Click OK and check your clock in the afternoon. This should solve the problem of deleting the wrong backups from other programs as well.

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