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There are many ways to use tags in Legacy and creating a search list is just one of them.

I’ve heard people say they don’t know how to use tags so I’ll give you an example.

When I started a focused project of looking for gravestone photos I tagged everyone who I had a gravestone photo for with Tag 3. (That means just tick the box.) And I use Tag 3 because I can see it in Family View while leaving Tags 1 & 2 for other uses.

Family View, Legacy Family Tree

All nine tags can be used but only three seen at one time. In Versions 8 of Legacy all nine tags will be showing. (I can hardly wait.)

In conjunction with Find A Grave searches, I search individual cemeteries that are already in my Master Event Address List.

If you go to your Master Event Address List, you’ll have a list of locations for anyone you’ve entered an event address for. But, it depends how you list your event locations. Some people put them into the Master Location List instead, in which case you’ll find your list of related people there.

If you choose a location, you can also choose to Show List, meaning the list of people who use that location.

Master Event Location List, Legacy Family Tree

When I click on Show List, it shows me everyone who I’ve entered that burial address for. (This is somewhat of an assumption. I have at least one person in my database who died in a cemetery.) I still need to find a photo for anyone without a Tag 3.

Creating A Search List, Legacy Family Tree

The next thing to do is Create Search List.

Creating A Search List, Legacy Family Tree

When I click that button nothing happens. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll think you’ve missed something because it doesn’t tell you what to do next.  The intuitive thing would be to GIVE UP and shut down the windows and, as it turns out, is exactly what makes it work.

After I close the two windows that are open, a question pops up:

Creating A Search List, Legacy Family Tree

Of course, I click OK and the Name List comes up with my search results.

Search List, Legacy Family Tree

Now I can see who I have to search for in that cemetery. I go to Find A Grave, find the cemetery and carry on. It helps to narrow things down.

In some cemeteries I’ve been so thorough there’s no-one else to find. In others there’s lots. It depends and it also depends how many new photos have been added lately.

This is only one way to approach the question. Another way is to take note as I’m surfing around my database at random who’s got a Tag 3 and who doesn’t and have a quick look while I’m there using the Find A Grave search string.

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