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Legacy Family TreeAfter a few days of playing around with the new FamilySearch integration in Legacy Family Tree, it suddenly occurred to me that the total number of people I was working my way through was not correct. It said, as it does on the Home screen, 10,827. That’s the total including a disconnected tree.

As some of you may recall, I disconnected a whole gaggle of Quakers from my database recently. I did not delete them because who knows what might show up in the future. Very slim chance that I’m related without going back to Adam & Eve but you never know. That was a lot of data entry and sourcing and doing it once was enough.

I don’t mind helping FamilySearch clean up their multiple versions of incorrect information because I get to clean up mine at the same time while writing thousands of emails to hundreds of people around the world and it’s nothing but fun, fun, fun. But I do take umbrage at having to tidy up 1,378 dead people that aren’t mine. So to speak. It’s a lot of laundry and extra ironing.

Tree Finder, Legacy Family Tree

If you see any relevance to what I’m saying here, here’s what to do:

Go to View/Tree Finder on your Legacy menu and click Refresh to make sure everything’s up to date. Then, highlight the tree you’re interested in working on and click the bottom choice, ‘Tag the Entire Tree of the Highlighted Individual’ with an unused tag number.

Then go over to the FamilySearch screen, assuming you’ve got an account by now.

FamilySearch integration, Legacy Family Tree

In the Filter options, pick Tag Value, and the number of your tag and click Update. The first time I did this I got 4 people. Clicking the Reload button fixed it. Now, minus the Living, I’m down to a manageable walk-in-the-park list of only 6,341. Why it says ‘zero’ for families I don’t know. The chance of them all being single is nil.

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