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Legacy Family TreeLegacy 7.0 is coming out soon. Probably. In which case, we’re a month closer to it than we were, say, a month ago.

For those less experienced with Legacy Family Tree, this is a brief overview of some file maintenance options. If you use these regularly, your database will stay happier over the long-term, your work will be in better order and you’ll be able to print reports that look professional rather than hashed together. There’s more but this is a start.

  • File Maintenance under File. Run these in order starting at the top after making a lot of changes to your database. I don’t think you can run them too often so don’t ask me what “a lot of changes” means.

Master Lists Cleanup
Compact Family File
Set File Sorting Order – You can probably skip this one.

  • Compact RINs and MRINs. Under Tools/Renumber RINs

Do NOT compact your MRINs if you’re using the MRIN Filing System unless you’ve filed under MRINs in order starting at ‘1’, otherwise you could destroy your filing system.

  • Create some test charts so you can see what your style of data entry is producing. Fix anything you can and ask tech support about anything you can’t.
  • Global SpellCheck under Tools

There’s 106 fields you can cover individually.

  • Picture Location – Test all Multimedia Paths under Options/Customize/Locations

This will show you where you’ve unlinked files by renaming them outside Legacy, etc.

  • Potential Problems under Reports and then Books/Other

The default settings are fine. Later on you can get fancier with it if you want to.

  • Search can be used in so many different ways, it’s impossible to list them. If you want to tidy up your General Notes, do a Detailed Search for ones containing anything. (General Notes contains ‘e’.) Repeat with all your other Notes fields. If you want to focus on one line, do a Miscellaneous Search for that line. It doesn’t work right unless you ‘Clear List’ first.
  • To-Do List

If you haven’t been there for awhile and you’ve used it as a dumping ground. If you can’t see any list, go to Filter Options and click All Categories.

  • Tree Finder under View

This will show you all people who are floating around disconnected from your main tree. Do as you will with them. Some people have floaters on purpose. Some people just lose extra people.

  • US County Verifier under Tools

Of course this only works for U.S. locations.

Every single thing has a Help button that goes to the Help Index. What the heck. If I’m gone for a really long time, read the whole Index. There’s more help over at the Legacy Mailing List. It’s very simple. Send them an email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject bar and you’re in. But beware, they eat newbies for breakfast. (And oldies for lunch.) Have a read of the group guidelines before you head over there.

Do expect to be side-tracked every which way.

If you’re the whiz kid in the class, go over to Master Event Locations and find pictures to go with all the churches and cemeteries.

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