Legacy’s Search the Internet: Find A Grave

Find A GraveFind A Grave is one of my favorite places to look around. Chances are one gravestone will lead to another and some of them are stunningly well photographed. Sometimes there are even people pictures, bios and obits.

There’s a message board so you can find out who else is interested in someone you’re interested in and join the conversation or email directly. And it has a blazingly fast search engine considering they boast a collection of 100 million grave records in 20 countries.

Find A Grave is not one of the default Internet search options in Legacy but it can be added.

Step 1. Under Internet on the menu bar is an option called Search Internet for Current Person.

Search the Internet, Legacy Family Tree, Find A Grave

Step 1.

Ancestry.com was the first one by default but I don’t need it right now so I replaced it with Find A Grave. This is how I did it:

Step 2. If you click on Customize Searches, you’ll see this box:

Customize Internet Searches, Legacy Family Tree

Step 2.

You don’t have to worry about taking one out because there’s a list of defaults and you can bring any one you want back with one click.

I clicked on the Select button next to the position I wanted to change, which in this case was the top one.

Step 3. I wanted to add Find A Grave so I clicked the Add button.

Select an Internet Search, Legacy Family Tree

Step 3.

Step 4. From there it’s self-explanatory. Give your Search a name and paste in the search string, if you know what it is and click Save.

Here’s the search string for Find A Grave. (I find it works better without the middle name so I deleted that part.)


Create Custom Internet Search, Legacy Family Tree

Step 4.

When you want to do a search, click Internet/Search Internet for Current Person, choose your website (if you need to) and click the Search button.

I search males only. Chances are good if I find the husband I’ll find the wife automatically so I don’t bother slowing myself down with manual searches. In many cases the original search leads to other people and other gravestones.

Then I enter the source citation for burial; Find A Grave as the Master Source and the Memorial# in the Source Detail so I can come back to it easily if I want to. I use the Source Clipboard to copy and paste the citation for any other information I’ve added.

Then I download the photo(s) and add the metadata using Photo Mechanic; person’s name, location of cemetery, source, (Find A Grave) photographer and photographer’s email address.

Add Find A Grave Metadata, Photo Mechanic

There’s fields for all of this (and more) in the metadata and it’s best to add it now rather than wonder later where I got it from. Then I name the file according to my own protocol and file it.

Right now I have 1,006 people with a known burial place but no Find A Grave citation yet and 3,400 deceased males in my database to search. I’ll be here awhile.

(See Creating A Search String for how to make your own.)

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