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Legacy Family TreeIf you work with batches of people in Legacy rather than randomly, Focus Group Search can come in very handy. You can build a list of descendants, ancestors, families and/or individuals.

You can chop and change these search lists any way you want them for any reason you can think of. I prefer to update my website in family groups so I’ve built them to focus my research to one or another.

You can add one line to a search, or multiple. And you can save your searches for later use.

On the Miscellaneous tab under Search/Find is a button called View/Set Focus Group.

Focus Group Search, Legacy Family Tree

Unless you’re already on the person you’re wanting to make a list of, you’ll want to click Change and browse to them in the Name List.

Once the person you want is showing in the box, click on View/Set Focus Group and you’ll see this window.

Focus Group Search, Legacy Family Tree

Unless you’re in the middle of something you want to keep, it’s important to click Clear List so you’re starting with a clean slate if you’re not already.

Now, you’ve got a few choices; Individual, Family, Descendants, Ancestors. Generally, I’m interested in the Individual and Descendants so I click on that button.

Descendant Optons, Legacy Family Tree

I choose the top radio button because the other one will give me almost my entire database which I don’t want.

Focus Group Search, Legacy Family Tree

At this point, I can click OK, which will close the window above and then click Create List on the screen behind it to bring up this line in the Name List.

Or I can continue adding other lines to this screen (up to 100). That’s done by repeating the above cycle. Click OK and go back to the Change button and browse for the next person.

Focus Group Search, Legacy Family Tree

When my list is complete, I click Save.

Save Focus Group, Legacy Family Tree

I pick a numbered position and type in a name for it. Later I can come back and load that list without having to do my search all over again. I would rather there were more than nine positions for saving focus group searches but that’s how it is.

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