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Legacy Family TreeTaking a tour through LTools I decided to try the option of ‘Find Unattached Multimedia’.

(LTools is a small piece of software augmenting Legacy Family Tree with options that are not yet available otherwise.)

The idea of ‘Find Unattached Multimedia’ is that if you have a folder full of files linked into Legacy it will find any file that’s not linked. I’m not sure why this would happen. Maybe if you added a file accidentally when you meant to put it somewhere else.

So, I chose my SOURCES folder and clicked the Run button, assuring myself I wouldn’t find anything there. The whole point of the SOURCES folder is that it contains, and only contains, files that are linked to Legacy.

Imagine my surprise when I was shown 467 unlinked files!

Some of these are plain TXT files put there as placeholders. It’s a long story but you might remember the one about deleting 1,377 Quakers, so I can discount those.

The other 150 or so are PDFs and RTF files.

It might have been when Legacy 7 first came out there was a change in the photo gallery icons for linking files. I think there used to be a choice between ‘Picture’ and ‘Sound/Video’. If you were attaching anything besides audio or video, you would choose the ‘Picture’ icon. In any case, at some point it was changed to this:

Now, if you want to link text or a PDF you have to click on the ‘File’ icon. If you click ‘Picture’ and try to browse to a PDF it won’t let you. It will only show image formats if there are any.

What I’m guessing happened is that all my text and PDFs had been previously linked using the ‘Picture’ icon. When the update happened they all got unlinked and have been sitting like that ever since.

The MRIN File IDs are still present but they’re not attached to anything. If they were, the Multimedia tabs would have asterisks on them.

Just a head’s up if you haven’t noticed this before. If you already use LTools you can generate a list of unattached multimedia. If not, have a look at your linked text and PDFs and see if they’re there.

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