MRIN Filing: Master Source File IDs

In the present PPSX version of the MRIN Filing System I’m using a range of 4-digit numbers for Individual sources as well as Master Source File IDs.

Father’s side –
MRINs: 1-3999
Master Source File IDs: 4000-4999

Mother’s side –
MRINs: 5000-8999
Master Source File IDs: 9000-9999

Since Cuz has been beetling along adding new people and their documents and gobbling up the available MRINs in the 4-digit range, I’ve decided to change the Master Source File IDs to something else.

We may yet get to using 5-digits instead but in the meantime this will stretch the MRINs a bit further.

Master Source File IDs

And for my mother’s side, Baker, it’s BA-

Master Source File IDs

This was short-sighted on my part but it’s not that hard to fix. The renumbering was done using Bulk Rename Utility. The other part is to go into Legacy and change File ID numbers on 160 Master Sources. And then on the paper files. Gradually. Between sun naps and sipping tea.

I’ve updated the PowerPoint presentation to reflect this change.

Obviously, you can do this any way it works for you.

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