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Legacy Family TreeOn the subject of further straightening: Merging Duplicates. I admit I had not spent a lot of time in the Merge function of Legacy as I assumed I didn’t have any duplicates. The last time I remember thinking that was about 4,000 cousins ago, and since the import of this recent file referred to in my last post, I decided to get deadly serious about doing this right and spent two days in there.

First thing was emptying out the Duplicates list. I had about 1,000 pairs marked as “Not Duplicates”. That was from eons ago so I started from scratch. While I was at it, I deleted everyone going by the un-name of “Living”. Is it important to know that someone has 3 living children? It might be. And when they have names they can come back.

Merging duplicates is one of those things that can seem intimidating. In Legacy though, nothing is intimidating. There’s just things that haven’t been discovered yet. Again, other software should have similar options.

Note to non-Legacy users: I know you’re there. Although the details may differ, the principles are the same, and you might find something worthwhile in reading through any comments I make on Legacy use. If not, there will be something generic the next time around.

Merge is a fantastic module. You can send alternate information into the Events list with the click of a button. If you want to keep both options, you pick one and then right-click the little black box to put the other in the notes or events field as an alternative, source included. Genius.

Legacy Family Tree

Merge Function, Legacy Family Tree

Any pair you suspect might be a duplicate just Tag them. Do this with abandon, do not hold back. If anything, err on the side of not-merging until you’re very sure. Otherwise you’ll twist your people in a knot and this would not be a good thing. This is the magic box right here. Options:

Legacy Family Tree

Going through the tagged list later is simple as the pairs will be right next to each other. If you don’t have the “Previous” and “Next” search buttons on your toolbar, consider putting them there from the stash of extra toolbar buttons. Right-click on the toolbar and drag them there.

Legacy Family Tree

These are essential items to keep on top. When you’re going through your tagged list you can toggle back and forth on each pair to be able to see who stays and who gets merged. These two buttons are useful for many things, not only this.

This is only a quickie intro for inspiration. Just take your time. Legacy does this very well.

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