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Legacy Family TreeSo far, so good. In five years of MRIN filing I’ve never needed a backup of my MRINs.

But, what I have done occasionally is swap numbers around and lose track of where else the MRINs exist in my database.

There are 3 other places I know about besides the little ‘M’ box in the bottom right of the Family View in Legacy Family Tree; the Marriage List, User ID on the Marriage Information screen, and User ID on the Individual’s Information screen.

Every time I make changes, the Marriage List changes automatically; the other two (if used and they’re optional) have to be updated intentionally.

As the digital Source Library got going, I realized that I would prefer to have multiple marriages numbered next to each other. That puts the source documents next to each other in the library and easier to access. And, of course, the same thing happens with the paper files and the photographs. I had entered a lot of marriages before I got to thinking that way so I had a lot of numbers to change.

In the meantime, I had used Dennis Kowallek’s LTools to add the MRINs to the Marriage ID numbers on the Marriage Information screen as a backup suggested by Legacy Support. They were concerned about numbers shifting around in some necessary repair process.

MRIN, Legacy Family Tree

I don’t think Legacy has a way to restore MRINs from the Marriage User IDs and I hope I never care. I have paper files as well as digital files and photographs filed by MRIN, thousands of which are also linked into Legacy for tens of thousands of source citations. It’s way beyond being ‘a joke’.

Setting the Marriage User IDs can be done with the Standard (free) version of LTools, the only issue being that you have to tag the marriages in the Marriage List first. As far as I know there’s no way to tag marriages except by clicking them in the list one at a time. It’s tedious but do-able. I clicked over a thousand without losing my mind.

And, more usefully, I added them to the User IDs on the Individual’s Information screens.

MRIN as User ID

This is a Deluxe feature in LTools. It’s a one-second process for it to scan your entire database and add the IDs. It can be purchased for $10.95. (Legacy says it has an option under Options/Customize/Other to add MRINs to the User ID fields but I’ve never been able to make it work.) This is useful because the Name List and the Picture Center can be viewed by either RINs or User IDs.

MRINs in Name List, Legacy Family TreeIf you’re looking for something like ‘Individuals with multiple spouses’ (an option under Search/Find/Miscellaneous) it’s easier to understand the results if you’re looking at the User IDs (i.e. MRINs) than if you’re viewing by RINs.

Under Customize/View you can turn on User IDs for all Name Lists and see MRINs in the Picture Center. If you also have photos filed by MRIN this makes it easier to browse to the appropriate folders and hook them up. You can also turn User IDs on for the Family View and Pedigree View.

So … anytime you add or change MRINs the Marriage List should be reprinted for a backup and an index. So far, I don’t print mine to paper because it would be hundreds of pages but I do keep it as a PDF. If you’re using MRINs in the User ID fields, they also need to be kept updated.

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