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If you use Legacy Family Tree and you look in your C-drive you’ll see a folder under ‘Legacy’ called Pictures. If you used the default installation location. If not, you’ll know where else you put it.

Pictures, Legacy Family Tree
I don’t keep reams of people-photos linked to Legacy. I only link the ones to be used in reports. I put them into Legacy/Pictures and then link them into the database using the Picture Center.

File-paths, Legacy Family Tree

Obviously, it’s easier to have them all in one folder than have to browse around my computer through a multitude of them. The pictures exist in their original sizes in a different folder structure, so the ones in Legacy/Pictures to be used in reports are copies.

The location doesn’t matter as long as it works for you. I keep this additional set in Legacy so I can do as I please. One thing that pleases me is to have pictures showing in the same proportion in reports.

Report Pictures, Legacy Family Tree

This is even more of an issue in the new Legacy Charting.

Pictures, Legacy Family Tree Charting

In order to get this result you have to crop the pictures in the same proportion.

Within reason, the pixel dimensions don’t matter, as Legacy will adjust for that. Too small will pixellate as it does anywhere. The proportion does matter. Look for proportional crop options in your graphics software.

Resize Pictures, Adobe Photoshop Elements

This is what it looks like in Adobe Elements. Somewhere around 1.5 works pretty well for portrait shots. I use 1.618, the Golden Mean of Sacred Geometry, for aesthetic reasons. If it was good enough for Leonardo da Vinci it’s good enough for me.

Sometimes there’s not enough background to get the faces at a similar depth. If you’re careful, you can add “canvas” to extend the picture, fill in the extra space with a similar color or pattern and then crop.

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