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Legacy Family Tree1. can you create a cemetery list in legacy family tree

I put my cemeteries under Burial Address which puts them into the Master Event Address List. If you do too and you want a list for one cemetery it’s easy. Just choose the cemetery, click Show List and then Create Search List. It will show up in the Name List and you can print it from there.

If you’re looking for a list of all the cemeteries, it’s not so easy. I could only find one way to make a list. Go through the Event Address List and tag the cemeteries one at a time. Then you can print the list.

Master Lists, Legacy Family Tree

You’d think doing a Detailed Search for ‘Address-Name contains Cemetery’ would work but it doesn’t.

2. legacy family tree find cemetery list

If you put your cemeteries under Burial Address, Look under View/Master Lists/Address Lists/Event. If you put them somewhere else, that’s where they’ll be.

3. legacy family tree record burial cemeteries

I put them under Burial Address. Some people like to put burial as a separate event. And some people like to put them in the Master Location List.

4. legacy software moving cemeteries from city field

In the Master Location List, click Show People.

Master Location List, Legacy Family Tree

Then go through your locations clicking on all the cemeteries and editing all the people connected to them. Move the cemeteries out of the Buried fields to wherever else you want them. For instance, to Burial Address. Click the ‘+’ sign next to the Buried location. Then click on Options/Purge Unused in the Master Location List and see a text document of all the ones that are now gone from there.

5. legacy family tree help

If you have Legacy Family Tree, there’s a button on the toolbar called ‘Help’.

Help, Legacy Family Tree

If you don’t have Legacy yet I don’t know what you’d be needing. Or maybe you’re looking for this: Legacy Official Users Guide PDF. Or, maybe you need to join the mailing list or a user group where you can ask questions. Or maybe you’re looking for training CDs?

6. entering census data into legacy family tree

I could make a video but it’s already been done.

7. legacy search in notes

Go to Search on your toolbar. Click on Find. Then click on Detailed Search. Under Where to look, scroll down to Notes and choose which kind of notes you want to search. If you want them all you’ll have to do them one at a time, or use the Second Condition and Third Condition to search 3 types at once. First Condition OR Second Condition OR Third Condition. Then click the Create List button.

Detailed Search, Legacy Family Tree

8. multiple marriages on pedigree

This is a logistical thing. Pedigree charts are built from a starting person going backwards.

Let’s say I start with my father. His great-grandfather was married twice. However, only one of the wives was his great-grandmother, so for this purpose the other wife is irrelevant. Consequently, she’s not in the chart.

9. using legacy family tree notes

This is a matter of opinion. I use General Notes for story-telling and odd notes that don’t fit anywhere else. The type of thing that I would print out for a casual reader. I use Research Notes for making a log of research and outstanding questions, more for my personal use.

There are also Medical Notes, Birth Notes, Christening Notes, Death Notes, Burial Notes, Event Notes and Location Notes. Self-explanatory, I think except for the Events. For Event Notes I put transcriptions of records and other things that don’t fit in the default boxes.

10. Legacy and organizing your sources

Does this mean within Legacy in the Master Source List? Or something else? In Legacy itself, I’ve decided on listing sources beginning with the country or state. I used to do it by type of record. Whichever way, it doesn’t matter. However, there’s no way to search in that list except by first letters, so pick something consistent if you can.

Master Sources, Legacy Family Tree

If ‘organizing your sources’ means something else, see the next question.

11. legacy genealogy paper record filing system

I’m stuck like glue to the MRIN Filing System. I use it for my digital files as well as my paper files. There are many other systems used by thousands and thousands of other people. There are thousands and thousands more that use no system at all because they’re paralyzed by indecision.

12. lzw tiff windows legacy genealogy

What ‘lzw tiff’ means is a compressed TIFF. TIFFs can be compressed in a variety of ways in graphics software. LZW is a loseless compression that will cut the file size dramatically without compromising the quality of the image. Legacy will not import TIFFs that are LZW-compressed. You’ll have to open each image in graphics software and re-save it with no compression. This is what it looks like in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

TIFF Compression Options, Adobe Photoshop Elements

13. marriage tags dennis kowallek

Dennis Kowallek is the maker of LTools. LTools has an option to put the MRINs into the Marriage User ID field in the Marriage Information Screen. To be able to do this, the marriages have to be tagged in the Marriage List first. There is no way to tag marriages in Legacy except by clicking the tag boxes one at a time. But, after you’ve done that, you can run the LTool called Set Marriage User IDs.

Marriage Tags, LTools

14. legacy family tree copy to source clipboard

In the Assigned Sources window for each individual there’s a button that looks like this:

Copy Source to Clipboard, Legacy Family Tree

If you hold your cursor over it, it says Copy Source to Clipboard.

15. merging family trees legacy

First, you have to import one tree into the other. So, open one tree, then click File/Import From and choose what type of file for your second tree. After you’ve done that, if it doesn’t take you there automatically, click on Merge and follow your nose.

If there’s no common person between your two files, there will be no-one to merge. If there’s one common person, merging that person will put your two trees together. If your two trees have lots of people in common, all of them will have to be merged.

16. legacy merge file path images

If you want to move your images to a new location and change your file-path, go to Options/Customize/View Current List of Multimedia Locations, then click Change and browse to the location of your images. And do that for each folder of images that you’re moving.

If you just need to clean up your file-paths, click Options/Combine Duplicates and Options/Purge Unused.

17. legacy family tree “sync notes” familysearch

I don’t see syncing notes as an option yet although, if you’re determined, you can copy and paste them into FamilySearch.

Individual Notes, FamilySearch

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