Saving Clipboards | Legacy Family Tree

Do you know there are at least 7 locations in Legacy Family Tree for saving and reloading clipboard contents?

  • Color Schemes (unlimited)
  • Column Layouts for the Descendants and Index views (10)
  • Focus Groups (9)
  • Interview Questions (unlimited)
  • Searches (unlimited)
  • Source Clipboard (10)
  • To-Do Clipboard (10)

I haven’t used them all yet. I’m just saying. Look for the Save and Load buttons wherever you are. This is a no-brainer efficiency tool.

Save To-Do Clipboard, Legacy Family Tree

If you Save your present arrangement, it will ask you for a name. For the ‘unlimited’ ones I made a folder in Legacy called (what else) Clipboards. I save the files there. The rest have their own boxes, as shown above. To bring up your list, click Load and choose the one you want.

In any of the Notes fields you can directly browse for and paste text by clicking the ‘Read’ button.

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