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Legacy Family TreeLegacy 7.0 is here!

The Source Writer and the Maps are the largest new features that are presently available. We’re still waiting for the integration with FamilySearch.

I decided to start with the new Search options. There’s a new page of options for Missing Sources and one for Missing Information, as well as some new items added to the already existing tabs.

If this was all we had to work with many of us would be busy for years. I don’t consider myself a slacker and most of the missing sources are close by in documents already on my computer. That’s the darndest thing about it. I simply neglected to put them in. Over the last 2 days I’ve already added 1,000 source citations. (Even found a few errors on the way!) As of an hour ago, this is what’s remaining of my personal wall of shame, in a database of 10,157 people.

New Search Options, Legacy Family Tree

The numbers in blue are not part of the page. I just put them there to show how badly I’m doing.

When I’m done here I’ll tackle the Missing Information tab. Then I’ll go over to the Source Writer (the Source Converter may be out by then) and convert my over-1,000 Master Sources into proper format. And then I’ll see what I can do with the Maps.

Legacy bit off a lot with this version, probably about 4 years work realistically. Why they started announcing its imminent release at under two years is a story I’d like to hear someday.

Well, back to work here.

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