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Legacy Family TreeFor those who get all tangled up in Legacy tagging, or for those who just need more search options, there’s a way to break things down called Only search the Search List.

Only search the Search List, Legacy Family Tree

This option exists on all the Search tabs; Query by Example, Detailed Search, Miscellaneous, Missing Sources, Missing Information and Census List.

This allows you to go one step at a time in your thinking instead of trying to concoct a complex formula in your mind about where exactly you’re trying to get to.

At the moment I have a number of people tagged on my mother’s side using Tag 5. Let’s say I want to break that down further using an option under Missing Information.

First I do a search on Tag 5.

Detailed Search, Legacy Family Tree

By default the setting is Clear List before this search. This is what I want anyway because I don’t want the results mixed in with anything else.

When the results come up in the Name List, I can click on the Search button at the bottom and choose another parameter.

Searching the search results, Legacy Family Tree

Find will take me back to all the Search options.

Let’s say in this case I want to now use the Missing Information tab and search for missing Birth Place.

Searching Missing Information, Legacy Family Tree

But I only want to search the Search results I’ve just created, not my whole database.

If I wanted to, I could then use the next search results list to go back to Find and ask it to do something else, like narrow down to Birth Date before 1900 or something from Missing Sources or Miscellaneous.

As you can see, this can be mixed and matched any way you want it, one step at a time. You can search your search results as many times as you want to narrow down your results.

If you have more steps to keep track of than you think you can, stop at any point and tag your search results. Look under Options next to the Search button for Advanced Tagging where you can choose a tag number.

Tagging Search Results, Legacy Family Tree

Acquaint yourself with all the types of searches Legacy can do. It will open up whole new worlds of possibility.

2 thoughts on “Search the Search List | Legacy Family Tree

  1. Fred

    Is there an easy way to do a Search in Legacy on a Surname, say Prescott, create a Search List of just that Surname, select them all, tag them (say Tag 6) and then Export just those names so they can be merged into another Legacy database? If this is, the solution is eluding me.

    You may wonder why I ask. For starters, I have three databases I’m trying to consolidate to one. As such, there are probably 100 or so names in one GEDCOM file (the Prescotts) that I’m simply trying to export and get to my “Master” Legacy file.

    Any help is appreciated.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      That should be simple. Does it have to export as a gedcom or is another Legacy file just as good?

      Once you have your tagged list, go to File/Export. If you can do this as another Legacy file, choose a name for it, then a window of options will appear where you can choose All Records with a tag of “whatever”. As a gedcom, it would be a similar thing where you click on Record Selection and then choose your tag number.


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