Sorting Your Sources | Legacy Family Tree

Can you find anything in your Master Sources List in Legacy Family Tree?

When I had 200 sources I could. Now I’ve got 1,100 and if I hadn’t categorized everything I’d be lost.

Sorting your sources can help. If you choose a source and click ‘Edit’ it will bring up the ‘Edit Master Source Definition’ window. I put a leader on the first line where it says ‘Source List Name (Shown in Master Source List)’.

Don’t also put it in the box called ‘Title’. That’s for the title just the way it comes and what prints out in your reports.Sorting Your Sources, Legacy Family Tree

For instance –
Ancestry World Tree Project:
Cemetery Record:
DAR application:
Personal Family Website:
Vital Record:

Some people prefer to sort their sources  by locations, starting with Country, State, County, Town. That works really well too.

Just start typing into the ‘Find’ box at the top of the ‘Master Source List’ window. That will jump you to a starting place in the list and then scroll your way through from there. If you start typing with a country that could be a very long list of sources, so just keep typing until it takes you close to the listing you’re interested in.

Unless you have a better idea, this one might work. Just make up categories to suit the way you think.

I would prefer that Legacy put a global search box there for typing single words. With the complexity of source names and boxes within boxes covering Text of Source, Comments and Repository, finding the right source can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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