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Legacy users, are you using the Source Clipboard? Legacy is full of labor-saving devices and this is one of the best.

Source Clipboard, Legacy Family Tree

Click on the blue up arrow to open the window above. This toolbar can be found on the Individual Screen, the Assigned Sources window and the Name List.

Legacy Family Tree

Any source that’s common to several people can be entered here. Click the ‘Set’ button to choose a Master Source. You can also include anything else you would normally use to source only a single person, such as Source Detail, Source Detail Text, Comments and Surety Level. Any or all. For anyone using the digital component of the MRIN Filing System, you can also include the File ID number. When you’ve entered data for a person, just click the hyphen button as shown in the toolbar above and voilà, the contents of the Source Clipboard are entered. Check your results to make sure you’re getting the hang of it.

You can add 5 Sources at a time, although I find one at a time is enough for my brain. If you have particular sets of Sources that you use over and over you can save them and re-load when you want to.

Using this tool can turn census and other multiple-person records from drudgery into fun!

If you want to work backwards from an assigned source, highlight the desired source, then click the button in the lower left of the Assigned Sources window to copy the source and included detail back to the clipboard. (The button can also be found in the lower right of the Name List.)

Legacy Family Tree

Here’s another Legacy trick, and I just learned this one: Under Options/Customize/Colors, next to Text Colors, click on Content to pick a color. When you source any of the items in the Individual Window (Name, Title, Birth, Christening, Death, Burial) the label will turn that color.

2 thoughts on “Source Clipboard | Legacy Family Tree

  1. Anon Post author

    I changed the “Contents Back” to a beige color trying to see where the contents information was located and saw no change in Legacy at all. What is meant by contents? Which window will the effective change be seen? I see the “Highlight” “Male” “Female” and “Unknown” color changes but not the “Contents” and “Contents Back”.

    Could you explain “Contents” to me.

    1. JL Post author

      You’re in the right place. Click on “Contents” and pick a color. Try something darker than beige. For contrast with the usual black and blue, try green or maroon. Then go to an Individual Screen and have a look. Go to an individual where you know you have sources entered for some of the items there.


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