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Legacy Family TreeThis is a simple thing to do with Source Detail in Legacy that keeps things straighter than they might be otherwise. Sometimes I find the detail of one source is slightly different from another. Not totally different, just slightly off.

So, do I write it as an alternate event? I’d rather not.

Here’s an example:

Source: Find A Grave
Death: 16 May 1973, Johnston, North Carolina, United States

Source: Death Certificate
Death: 16 May 1973, Smithfield, Johnston, North Carolina, United States

Are those different? Well, yes. Different enough to take note of but not different enough to create a separate event for.

The way I deal with this is to add the text under Source Detail and Text/Comments. (Enter the actual Source Text)

On the Assigned Sources window, if you click on a source it will show you what the source is for. In this case, the information I’m using for the Death event came from the Death Certificate.

Source Detail, Legacy Family Tree

If you right-click on that, there’s no Cut, Copy, Paste menu. But you can still select the text and use the hotkey for Copy which is Ctrl+C. Then go to Edit Detail and Paste into the Text/Comments box.

In this case, Find A Grave is telling me something slightly different, so I paste in the exact Source Detail Text for that source.

Source Detail, Legacy Family Tree

Later, when I’m looking at these sources I can see exactly what I got from where on the Text/Comments tab instead of fudging them together and not really knowing.

There are other places in Legacy where you won’t find a menu for this but you can still use your keyboard. It will save you some typing time.

Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+V = Paste

There are also report options in Legacy for including source detail text and someone else might want to know about it.

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