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Legacy Family TreeSeveral of you have asked for Legacy tips.

Well, it’s your lucky day. Mine, too. I don’t even have to come up with something on my own. There’s a section in the Help System actually called Tips and Tricks. If you click on Help/Contents and look under ‘Using Legacy’ it says ‘Tips and Tricks’. It’s divided into about 20 sections. Most of it’s a wall of text without pictures so it takes a fair bit of concentration.

But the first category called ‘General Tips and Tricks’ is different. It goes through the various screens with numbered items showing you different things you can do.

Tips and Tricks, Legacy Family Tree

Some of this you already know. Some of it will surprise you. Your eyes will probably glaze over and your mind go numb long before you get to the bottom of the page. It’s quite long. But here’s a plan. Go visit every day and add one new thing to your store of knowledge. In one year you’ll be 365 tips ahead.

Advanced Tagging

Here’s something I learned awhile back that made my day. I use tagging a lot. I’m in and out of the Advanced Tagging screen constantly, grouping people for research and various cleanup projects and making sure I clear the old lists before I start something new.

Advanced Tagging, Legacy Family Tree

I wondered why there was no simple way to get there. There’s a shortcut combination of Ctrl+T but I could never remember it and it’s an awkward stretch for my fingers anyway. It would have made my life so much simpler to have an icon on the toolbar. This is what I discovered: On the Family View, as we know, there are three tag boxes showing for each individual.

Tagging, Family View, Legacy Family Tree

To open the Advanced Tagging screen, simply right-click on one of the tag boxes above.

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