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If you’re filing by MRIN in Legacy, you’ll find it useful to put your MRINs in the User ID field. That way you can show them on some of the name lists instead of the default RINs. I find the Name List particularly useful.

In Legacy, the RINs (Record Identification Numbers) show by default on most lists. It has no option to show the MRINs (Marriage Record Identification Numbers) instead.

Because I file by MRIN I’d like to be able to turn them on for every list in Legacy. Even with a workaround for this it’s still only partially satisfying.

Legacy does have an option to show the User IDs under Options/Customize/View.

User ID, Legacy Family Tree

So, if you want the MRINs, an option is to make your MRINs into User IDs. If you’re not using the User ID field for anything else.

This can be done by using an option in LTools, an inexpensive add-on program.

Creating User IDs

First, everyone in your Legacy database has to be tagged.

Tagging, Legacy Family Tree

It doesn’t matter what tag number you use. Just pick something that’s not already being used.

Then back up your database and close it.

Over at LTools, in the list of Deluxe options under the User IDs category is MRIN Filing Assistant. If you double-click on that you’ll get a box that looks like this:

MRIN Filing Assistant, LTools

If you’re using LTools for the first time, you will probably have to browse to your database first. On the main screen, before you pick the tool, click on File/Open Database.

Then choose the Tag number that matches the one you used in Legacy.

The first radio button, Fill all tagged Individual User IDs with Text + MRIN(s) will work fine.

For the Text box I just leave it as it is by default; {MRIN}. Then click the Run button. It goes through the whole database very quickly and adds MRINs to the User ID fields.

Then you can turn on the User ID option in Legacy (as shown in the first image); User ID on all Name Lists.

ALL Name Lists is not actually true. It will show User IDs (now MRINs) on the Name List, the Picture Center and in brackets next to the person’s name in Assigned Sources. You also have the option to show them in Family and Pedigree View.

It will not show MRINs on search lists, i.e. the various places where you can click on ‘Show List’.

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