2014 Is For The Living

As ever, I’m amazed by the lists of goals that people set for themselves in a new year.

My tendency, as it is for many women, is to over-do the DOING. So I’ve been thinking about what that means to me.

First, I took the back off my chair so I’m forced to sit up straight. No more slouching or leaning allowed at my house. The disc helps to keep what’s left of my spine from turning into a solid rock.

Second, I’ve re-arranged my voluminous to-do lists under tabs of action words. For instance,


I think this is important for a few reasons:

1. This cerebral activity of being in front of a computer screen tends to separate us from our bodies. I’m using my physical eyes and my mind and that’s about it. Sometimes my emotions to react to things I see or read.

2. Action words force a focus. This mass of ever-expanding information is either something I want to do something with (WHAT?) or I don’t.

I try to stay away from too general words like DO and LEARN.

DO means what? Organize? Write? Read?

LEARN means what? Practice something over and over? (ok, I’ll buy that one) or TRY to understand?

I’ve watched, read and listened to a lot without ever LEARNING anything because it served no specific purpose. It’s all ‘interesting’ but it comes in one side and goes out the other.

3. These actions are put into perspective with other possibilities.

I can WATCH webinars, YouTube videos, television or movies. Or I can watch other people, the sunset, the grass grow, the stucco on the ceiling. What do I really want to look at with my physical eyes?

I can LISTEN to webinars, podcasts and music. Or I can listen to the wind blowing, the sounds down the street or the people around me talking. What do I really want to spend my time listening to?

I can READ all the PDFs on my computer but are they associated with a meaningful goal? Or just something else for my eyes to look at?

I can WRITE another blog post. Or not.

My manta for this year is to Look for the Light and Let Love In in whatever way it wants to come.

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