JLog’s 5th Anniversary

As JLog passes its 5th anniversary I have to say – We’ve come a long way. Or maybe I’ve come a long way and you’ve just been humoring me by being good sports.

Here are some things I will probably not be talking about again.

EverNote 2 (Gasp!) If I’d had any idea how many thousands of people were interested in downloading the installer I would have sold it and retired permanently.

It doesn’t work for me anymore; no cut, copy or paste. I still use it to collect email but nothing else. I’ve moved to OneNote and it’s just not the same but it’s here so life goes on.

I don’t use the newer version of EverNote, so I don’t know anything about it and won’t be talking about it either.

FastStone Image Viewer. I still have FastStone as a portable app but never use it. It doesn’t ‘do’ IPTC. The last I looked it was even stripping it out at times so that was the end of the road. I still use an antiquated version of FastStone Screen Capture. I’m too lazy to go try ten other ones so I’m sure it’s the best.

Picasa is one of the most popular searches on this blog but I don’t use it. I’m tempted to use it so I can keep answering questions but that would be a form of penance which isn’t really good for anything because there is no Giant Man With A White Beard Sitting On A Cloud appreciating it; I don’t care what they told you when you were a kid.

MediaDex has been dead since 2008. It took me awhile to find out that it was in limbo at the time I was writing about it. It had been sold to someone who had no money to develop it or fix its many problems and we, poor idiots, were stuck with The Multi-Media Organizer from Hell. I hope none of you got sucked into the vortex of purchasing it too because I recall expressing great hopes for it.

WLPG otherwise known as Windows Live Photo Gallery. Also a popular search here but I have nothing else to say about it. It may have undergone many changes since it ate over 12,000 of my photographs in the Fall of 2010. It will never, I mean never, be on any of my computers again so I can’t talk about something I know nothing about.

Clearly, I have not been able to keep up with the Social Media craze. I still don’t have a Facebook account although I keep thinking I should. I don’t belong to Second Life. There are two people connected to my Google+ account because one of them sent me an invitation and the other one showed up on my login page. Somehow.

Neither am I keeping up with all the photo-sharing, family tree-sharing sites that are popping up like weeds.

Occasionally I am frustrated by my inability to be social. Even as a teenager I preferred organizational (in that case, mathematical) conundrums to talking to my peers on the telephone. This blog has been a bigger leap than you could imagine.

Perhaps unbeknown to some of you, much of the traffic to this site comes from non-genealogists with very basic questions about computer-use and sometimes they drive the content here.

I might talk about KeePass again someday. Everyone and their uncle wants to know how to break into it. Are people forgetting their Master Passwords? Or are there that many password databases lying around in public places waiting to be criminalized? It’s a mystery.

Thank-you for coming along and thank-you for your patience.

3 thoughts on “JLog’s 5th Anniversary

  1. Jasia

    Congrats on your 5 years of blogging! I hope the next 5 years will be just as interesting to read as the last 5. Write on!

  2. Margaret E

    Congrats and thanks. I discovered Photo Mechanic from JLog. Perhaps you’ve discarded this tool, but I still like the idea of adding metadata to my TIFF and JPG files. Now I still have to write something on the back of the my generations physical photo prints!!


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