6th Blogiversary

Today is my 6th Blogiversary. I might have forgotten except for the avalanche of traffic from Facebook responding to someone’s notice there. Yes, it’s possible to be out here for six years and still be an obscure entity.

As I’ve said before, when I started this I knew nothing about making a website and had almost nothing to say. Which just goes to prove anyone can do this. Even for a long time.

If you’re thinking of starting, I highly recommend starting with self-hosted WordPress, good web hosting and a plugin called PushButtonSEO. It will give you every option you could ever want and save you all kinds of pain along the way.

WordPress is a one-click install nowadays so it’s not like you even need to know anything.

Although PBSEO is marketed at marketers it makes mincemeat out of the technical part of writing for the search engines for anyone. Sure, say you don’t care. Until you realize you’re spending most of your life doing this and there’s still only 5 people who know who you are.

September was a bust because I had a live-in visitor for awhile and then I had to go out of town. And now it’s October and, instead of flinging my arms outstretched to welcome the onslaught of winter, I sleep. With every passing year the cold seems to get colder and take more energy. I get up for awhile and then I sleep again. So, by the time the last leaf blows off the giant maple tree I will be rested to my core and ready.

Six years feels like a cycle of some moment. Not as momentous as a 12-year cycle but half way there. And, in keeping, lately I seem to have hit a 6-year apex and am now going in reverse as per the last post on computer inventory. Instead of bringing more things onto my computer I’m kicking them back to the Inbox for further consideration. Could that possibly take six more years?

Maybe it’s just an age thing. I have a desktop mind map full of things to do and I’d like to get to the bottom of it. Chaos is relative but I’d like to tighten up what I’ve done so far and try not to keep biting off more than I can chew.

To prevent overload, the mind map has been separated into two parts; things to do over the next few months and things to do someday. I don’t look at the ‘someday’ part every day or it would make me crazy. I just glance at it out of the corner of my eye while recklessly adding more things to it.

Mind Map

For now, I’m going to keep working my way through my nearer and dearer issues and see if a longer-term focus makes itself clear. Oh, right … and sleep.

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