And Then What I Found Out …

… after being transferred around to the usual half a dozen or so incorrect locations, including Pro Support in the U.S. and Federal Government Tech Support in Canada, (the Canadian government uses DELL computers?) was that it all had nothing to do with duplicate orders. They just didn’t like the components list down there in Texas. So, they canceled the order and made up another one.

The most painful part is they took out the TV tuner card. There goes Desperate Housewives.

The tech in India who explained this to me said, “But what you’re getting is better! You’re getting Windows 7! Do you know how much it costs to buy Windows 7? Sixty-nine dollars!”

(I have two legitimate copies of Windows XP. I don’t need Windows 7!)

“And you’re getting Skype!”

(Skype is FREE, ding-dong.)

“Why is it going to take another three weeks for the computer to get here?”

“Because it’s a new order.”

“I’ve been waiting 40 days already!”

“Yeah, but that was the old order.”

And then I had to hang up because I felt a scream coming on.

9 thoughts on “And Then What I Found Out …

  1. Barbara Schenck

    I don’t feel as if I should say this because it sounds a bit like gloating. On the other hand, maybe next time you deal with Dell, you should order from the Outlet. That’s what I’ve done the last two times and I’ve had my computer in three days. I ordered a computer Sept 21 and it arrived on the 24th.

    I’ve been pleased with it so far and extremely pleased with the laptop I ordered 16 months ago. In both cases I’ve ended up with a faster better computer than I ever could have afforded by going through the regular sales channel.

    Just a thought.

    1. JL Post author

      Well, I don’t think there’s going to be a next time. 🙂 But that wouldn’t have been an option for me this time because it’s a replacement system due to chronic graphics card malfunction.

      It’s been an interesting six-weeks getting along with a very old laptop. I haven’t been displeased with my two DELL computers overall, but I’m starting to think in other directions for the future.

  2. Barbara Schenck

    Ah, didn’t realize it was a replacement — I must have missed a few blogs.

    I think Mac all the time, but I never seem to go there because I have so many programs that I use with Windows and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in my life to figure out all the changes I’d be asking for in doing so (yes, I know I can have my Mac and Windows, too, but that’s just more work and, according to a friend who does it, slow.

    Hope you get the new one sooner rather than later. Although it sounds as if ‘sooner’ is not an option anymore.

    1. JL Post author

      I think I know what you mean about not having time for new challenges, especially the ones that aren’t essential. I don’t know what I’m thinking for an alternative. These long weeks of disruption seem to be an opportunity for contemplation.

  3. Barbara Schenck

    Yes, there is an upside to cutting back to essentials. I’m fond of challenges, but rarely anymore just for their own sake — they need to have some intrinsic value beyond just being a challenge. Every time I think about changing genealogy software I have that same, is this worth it? feeling. And then I go with what I already know, even though I’ve reviewed several other programs and have found things to like in most all of them. Why can’t they combine them, is what I want to know!

    1. JL Post author

      Boy, is it early in the day for marketing philosophy!

      Well, because then we’d complain about lack of choices …

  4. Barbara Schenck

    Some might complain. Not me. And not that early here. I like to get a running start on my philosophizing.


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