I was surprised some friends showed up to laugh at my post about the police. I was also surprised no-one showed up to support the police but I did lose 10% of my subscribers. Like I didn’t see that coming.

Meanwhile back at Organization Central … I got to the second bookmark of two thousand and fell asleep. What I fell asleep in the middle of was a link that took me to another link about The End of The World which is coming in 2012. A slew of videos with eerie UFO music in the background adding nothing to credibility.

I’ve been hearing about the world ending in 2012 for about the last 40 years and, gosh, we’re almost there. It’s not on my list so I’d forgotten about it.

Now, doesn’t that put your genealogy filing in perspective?

I got to thinking about all the money and time and effort that the Mormon Church is putting into indexing records so all the souls can get baptized. It’s all good. Everyone has to be doing something. But, if the world’s going to end next year they’d better hurry up.

The rest of us, I don’t know. How can you even get up in the morning if you know the world is ending next year? How can you not? Imagine if a megaton comet hit your kitchen table while you’re lifting a spoonful of Cheerios to your mouth, you wouldn’t even know it, would you?

Next thing you’ve sprouted wings and you’re floating around in the air looking down at your ashes thinking, gee, that was interesting, not exactly how I was expecting the day to go. But, where are my genealogy files? Oh, dear, they’re looking a little burnt. Why did I spend decades fussing over the names and dates? Now the world is gone and there’s no-one to care.

It’s a hard thing to think about. If you knew you were going to die a year from today, how would you want to spend your last year? Filing papers about people who have already died? Maybe not. I’d like to leave in a way that’s as carefree for other people as possible. That means I’d have to give away all my possessions, buy the casket, dig the hole and then just sit and wait. But, if we’re all going together, that makes it easy.

According to the prophecies, though, some of us may survive. All the satellites and magnetics will be blown to bits so there won’t be computers anymore. We’ll be thrown back into digging in the dirt for wild turnips so maybe it’s a good thing we’re studying the lives of our ancestors so we know about that sort of thing.

Which reminds me, I bought a new wireless key today and paid $9.95 extra for a 3-year warranty. I should have watched the videos first.

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