Google Keywords: Roundup 6

by JL Beeken on 5-23-2012

GoogleThey say the demise of Google as a search engine is imminent due to the way they constantly rewrite their search algorithm, making it harder and harder for content-producers to establish keyword relevance.

I can’t speak to that, not being one of ‘they’ but some days I have to wonder.

As we know, the general purpose of typing words into a search engine is to find something related to your query. You might not find exactly what you had in mind, but the idea is to shoot in the general direction with your question. And the idea of a search engine is to give you back something as relevant as possible.

My site, this site, showed up in the Google search results for the following searches. Imagine each of these has a question mark after it. I highlighted a few of my personal favorites. I’m not even going to try to answer them.

Google obviously didn’t know where to send these people but they had to respond with something so they sent them over to my site. No wonder my bounce-rate is so high.

  • 200gb
  • 3 inches actual size
  • a free mind
  • a genealogical chart of all life on earth
  • a good research question
  • a lot of dead people
  • accessories hand made
  • account options
  • account options sign in
  • all software list
  • all software list download
  • alphabetize
  • always somewhere
  • am i doing this right
  • another name for dice
  • any way you want it
  • anything better
  • backward people
  • before ww1
  • being someones option
  • brick in face
  • but not limited to
  • can’t sleep thinking about you
  • can’t stand anymore
  • can’t stand it anymore
  • can’t think clearly
  • change your mind
  • changing family
  • chaotic online
  • clean your mess
  • comparing options
  • complete word
  • complicated things
  • construction
  • define hot
  • divided mind
  • do’s
  • don’t copy
  • don’t make me cry
  • don’t search for love
  • don’t tell
  • dont be stupid
  • dont panic organize
  • easiest picture to draw
  • eloise
  • ever again
  • export
  • finder
  • folders
  • follow your nose
  • funeral service bowling
  • get brain
  • get onto it
  • get squiggling
  • good thinking
  • how do options work
  • how do you spell mechanic
  • i can type faster than you
  • i can’t do this
  • i can’t stand any more
  • i can’t stand anymore
  • i can’t stand it anymore
  • i can’t stand this anymore
  • i cant stand it anymore
  • i found your camera
  • i love you from afar
  • i need your attention
  • i understand nothing
  • i’m done here
  • i’m just saying
  • i’m out of my head i’m out of my mind
  • i’m single and i know it
  • i’m too old for this stuff
  • i’m your present
  • i’ve done that
  • i’ve seen enough
  • if im flounder
  • if you are not moving forward you are moving backward
  • inches actual size
  • including but not
  • including but not limited
  • including but not limited to
  • including, but not limited to,
  • is that how i do it
  • it won’t belong
  • it’s not a competition
  • it’s not that simple
  • interesting phrases
  • looking for me in this great big family
  • make more room
  • my death date
  • never miss a good chance to shut up
  • never say never can’t stand it
  • not your choice
  • note to yourself
  • nothing but fun
  • odds
  • odds & ends
  • odds ‘n ends
  • odds and ends
  • odds and ends again
  • odds ends
  • odds n ends
  • odds picture
  • oh you correct my spelling
  • open things
  • other and another difference
  • people running into doors
  • person not sure
  • personal
  • quicksand death
  • reasons to use
  • run around the block
  • running into door
  • running up wall
  • search what
  • sit down on it
  • something like you
  • something to do
  • somewhere i belong
  • start all over again
  • tag your it
  • terribly odd
  • the same person
  • the things i want
  • the things i want to do to you
  • thethingsiwant
  • thing i want to do with you
  • things i wanna do to you
  • things i wanna do with you
  • things i want
  • things i want to do
  • things i want to do to you
  • things i want to do with you
  • things in my head
  • things you can draw
  • thinking time
  • trampoline house
  • try to see it my way
  • unknown people
  • unknown person
  • usa family
  • useless items
  • up with dead people
  • upload
  • what are labour saving devices
  • what does snigger mean
  • what is a firefox
  • what is a scrapbook
  • what is a sidebar
  • what is a time stamp
  • what my mom thinks i do what i really do
  • what occurred
  • what to do list
  • what to do with my day
  • what to do with your pennies
  • what writing does and how it does it
  • where does garbage go
  • where is the hotkey on the keyboard
  • wheres my head
  • why i’m not enough list
  • workaround
  • you can change your mind
  • you can only choose two
  • you’re next
  • youre on my mind

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Carol 5-23-2012 at 7:15 PM

There are some really kinky searches here. This is not necessarily my fav, but, I do like it a lot! LOL

brick in face


JL 5-23-2012 at 7:30 PM

Funny, eh? What are they looking for?


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