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Google SearchThe actual numbers are unknown to anyone except Google but there are guesses. How many searches are done on Google every day? The guesses range from 200 million to 10 billion. And a very, very … very small percentage of those searches lead to this website.

But nevertheless my own statistics are interesting … to me. The most popular Google search queries, by far, leading to JLog in 2008 were:

how to crack keepass
how to extract pictures from pps files

neither of which has any direct (or even indirect) bearing on the subject of genealogy.

This one I’ve only seen once and I don’t expect to ever see it again:

can mozy back up my files if I turn my computer off

In case I left that out of my Mozy posts: Think of the Internet as a gigantic segmented conference call. You’re in your house, they’re over there in their house … oh, never mind …

Besides JLog, there are charts on this website containing the names, birth and death dates of over 10,000 of my relatives. Here’s the thing that really gets me. Someone does a Google search, comes in looking for my great-great-grandfather or a third cousin, for instance. They’re all over it for an hour 3 days in a row, which means they have to be a cousin or the spouse of a cousin. I mean, you’d think.

But they don’t send me an email. They just take all my information and vanish. I’m sitting here watching this on my stats radar screen wishing I could reach inside my monitor, grab them by the neck and say, “Whoa, stick around for a cup of tea, what’s yer name?


So, my little wheels are grinding. Awhile back I purchased some proper website-design software because I thought in my non-existent spare time I’d start another website. I got to thinking last night why don’t I use it to redesign my present website? It’s got a lot of tools that I can’t use otherwise. One of them is a pop-up box maker. You know those annoying boxes that pop onto the screen asking you to take a survey or download a report?

I could schedule a box for each of the Descendant Chart pages. After 15 seconds, the box would pop up and say, If you tell me why you’re looking for my relatives I’ll send you a free PDF version of … (everything I know about PPS files.)

What do you think?  Too tacky?

7 thoughts on “Google Search

  1. Apple

    LOL – If you think it might actually work I say try it! I know I’m tired of seeing my tree (along with my mistakes) show up all over, and yet I never heard from any of those that reposted it.

  2. Dee Ziegler

    I’m looking at your JLog because I appreciate your comments on the Legacy UG, and “simple” is what I’m hoping for. I plan to transfer my large PAF files (all homegrown, no gedcoms) to Legacy when I get a bit more confident. Maybe when the nFS is rolled out everywhere, and a new Legacy version is released? Another year or two?

    I’ve been advised to download Legacy now and play around with it to build the ol’ confidence, then start clean when the new version is available. I’m thinking about it. Yeah, I’m technotimid.

    No reply required, you did ask for feedback on why people check your website. Cheers, Dee in Maryland

    1. JL Post author

      If you’re interested in using Legacy, I wouldn’t wait for the ‘next version’. You could be waiting a long time. Version 7 is fairly new (since June last year) and still being ‘adjusted’. My guess is version 8 is a long way off. If you start with the present version, all your entries will automatically carry through to any future version.

  3. Penny

    I always get a chuckle from your musings, JL. I enjoyed the mental picture of the startled face on some family historian when confronted with your pop-ups. Great imagery! Btw, about a million of those daily googles are mine, I think. 🙂

    Lookin’ forward to the new look or whatever you come up with for the site.

    The usual warm regards from Texas,

  4. JL

    I ran this idea by cousin, Sam, yesterday and she thought it was really good. But then cousin, Sam, is the only person I’ve ever known who wants their pop-up blocker turned OFF.


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