It’s A Geriatric Monday

I know many things I say are hugely irrelevant to genealogy; the closest I can get sometimes is geriatrics, and I apologize for the misleading subtitle of my blog.

I have two major projects at hand right now, both involving cleaning up the mess on my computer. One is my bookmarks because, as it’s been niggling at me for years, there’s no point having two thousand of them cluttering up the place. I don’t even know why I bookmarked that many pages and if I never saw them again I’m sure I wouldn’t even notice. But, since I did bookmark them I now feel obligated to review every single one.

The other project is EverNote. I love EverNote 2. I love it so much I use it for almost everything. Consequently, I don’t know where anything is in there and there’s no point even using the search box because I wouldn’t know what to look for.

My fantasy in regards to EverNote is to totally clear it out and use it only as a way-station for items passing through or giving me direction about what I should be doing. Because I work better with a focused list and lack of clutter. Read the de-cluttering books; they’ll tell you.

Today I went into town to do some errands (list in hand) and I had a crisis at the gas pump again. According to my records, the last time I put gas in my car was August 2010. So, due to lack of practice, gas pumps are not one of my technological specialties.

I put in my credit card like it told me to, I took my credit card out like it told me to and then it told me it couldn’t read my credit card. Well, of course, it couldn’t read my card because it just told me to take it out. Duh. I went through that six times with the same result and started eying the store where I could pay directly instead but my bad knee was hurting and I didn’t want to walk that far.

Anyone who’s ‘older’ probably knows what this is; that thing where you just stop and stare. Everything suddenly empties out of your mind and you’re stopped and staring. Usually what happens next is some young whippersnapper comes flying into my face and says, Do you want something? And, invariably I don’t. I’ve already been everywhere, done everything, had everything and given it away a hundred times. I’m just standing and staring.

And then there’s the other times when you wish someone would show up with a couch and a cup of tea but you’re standing lost at the gas pump instead and there’s not another human being anywhere in the world who cares. And then you think maybe I could have a heart attack walking uphill to the store and then maybe someone would notice that I’m old and lost. But maybe they wouldn’t and does it really matter? Not really.

It’s not scary-lost like when you’re twenty. As you get old the chance of keeling over suddenly from the accumulated stress of a lifetime escalates dramatically and it’s just kind of interesting.

So, anyway, back at EverNote 2, I’m down to about 400 notes now. Rooting around looking for blog post material. I’ll let you know if I find any.

One thought on “It’s A Geriatric Monday

  1. TK

    JL, you wish you lived in Oregon, where it’s still illegal to pump your own gas so a live servant comes out and does it for you. And no, gas doesn’t cost any more there than anywhere else due to having actual pump-jockeys to do the dirty work. That was another one of those lies about how we’d all save on the cost of gas by eliminating that unnecessary employee. ‘Twas baloney. Somebody’s saving money, but it’s not the consumer. The whole time I was living in Oregon (22 years), I hated going on out-of-state driving trips, knowing I would have to pump my own gas. And then there’s that other layer of obfuscation, the “cash price” vs. the “credit price.” Don’t get me started!

    Evernote, bookmarks, etc…. just like storing stuff in cardboard boxes in the basement. The only way I can ever be sure I’ll come back to something later is to leave it open in a browser tab. If I have to scroll past it over and over again, sooner or later I’ll either stop and do something with it or admit I’m never gonna do anything with it, either way, just so I can close the tab and not have to scroll past it anymore!


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