Mid-February: Winter Hibernation

It’s mid-February. In Canada. It’s been winter for a really really long time. I’m a little short on sleep. Also a little short on daylight. I think we’re supposed to sleep in the winter but it never happens at my house. About this time of year I start thinking if I’m going to do my winter hibernation, I’d better get to it, it’s almost Spring.

A dazzled-up website is in the works. It was not on my list of things to do. I just fell into it during the last Full Moon. I’m aiming for the unveiling around the end of the month, or so. Depends how many ways I can be distracted between now and then. There may be some disruption of normal services. I’m trying to keep that to a minimum.

Mid-February Entertainment

In the meantime, here’s a puzzle for you.  The idea is to see how old your brain is. Haven’t you always wanted to know? Since the puzzle is in Japanese I have no idea what the optimal age for a brain is. Are young brains better? Or do brains get better with age?  I think mine has gotten better. In some ways. I’m not as good at mathematics but the world-at-large is easier to understand. Perhaps someone has statistics on this?

Here are the instructions. You’ll need to memorize them here before you go over there unless you can read Japanese.

1. Touch ‘start’

2. Wait for 3, 2, 1.

3. Memorize the positions of the numbers on the screen, and then click the circles in order from the smallest number to the largest number. (This exercise repeats about 10 times.)

At the end of the game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain. And then you can wonder what that means.

On your mark, get set, go.


3 thoughts on “Mid-February: Winter Hibernation

  1. Dermot

    This, I think, is similar to the game on Nintendo DS Lite called Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training (my 9 year old daughter has it, and I use it a lot!). There are many more tests on the DS, but there is one similar to this. On the DS, the optimal brain age is 20, but anything younger than your own age is very good.

    By the way, I genuinely got 20 on this test just now! I impressed myself! If only my daughter was here at work, I could prove how clever Dad is after all!!

  2. Penny

    Holy smoke! Well, I’m rationalizing again, but I think my brain’s not so slow, but my eyes are … I can’t even see all those numbers! Still, my brain’s age is not as big as my calendar age; although it’s a considerably bigger number than my age in dog years.

    Uh-oh. There’s a thought that’s going to fester.


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